Turning everyday routines into refreshing rituals

We started at a farmer's market stand and have created an entire line of sustainable skincare, self care and home care goods from scratch.

Made in small batches, Latina owned, woman-owned, cruelty free, zero waste.

Discover The Alum Stone

Our best selling crystal deodorant. It's a salt stone, made in France and lasts for years - Find out why we’ve sold over 700 of these stones.

Highlight serum

  • Brightening
  • Smoothing
  • Gentle
  • Clarifying

Check out our in-house line

Fresh, small batch, organic when possible. No harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients, cruelty free, plastic-free.

Fresher than the farmer's market

  • Rosemary mint
  • Lavender grapefruit
  • Alum stone
  • Sensitive skin options
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