Alum Stone -
Crystal Deodorant & Facial Toner

Made of salt, mined in France and ultra-versatile - Find out why we’ve sold over 700 of these stones.

Find the face soap that’s right for you…

Our solid face wash is vegan, zero waste, and packed with cleansing clays and hydrating oils. Find out which bar is right for your skin type!

Reusable under-eye masks

Self care is more than skin deep but if the skin is the largest organ, it’s not a bad place to start! Check out our latest self care tool for a moment of mindfulness and luxury.

Hair removal 101

  • Tips for a seamless transition to the safety razor
  • A step-by-step guide on how to sugar wax
  • Using the alum stone as an aftershave
  • And more!

Shop stationery

Shop our collection of compostable washi tape, fountain pens and a rainbow of ink colors - for your daily planner, your journal or maybe just for write love letters to all your friends.

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