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Unpaper Towels
Jennifer G. (Seattle, WA, US)
perfect size

Love these towels. So far I use them only as napkins. Very soft and sweetly sized.

Dish Soap Block
Jennifer G. (Seattle, WA, US)
I want to love this so much

An honest review of my first try.... the bar lasted about a month and during that time I vacillated between using too little (dishes weren't clean) to using too much (dishes were slippery and hard to hold onto while washing). I'm looking forward to another chance on the learning curve. Thank you, Sage on the Mountain and Eco Collective for providing the opportunity!

Gummy Vitamins - Sleep Plus
Chloe (Seattle, WA, US)
Helpful sleep aid

I find these help ease me into sleep when I'm having trouble. Do not seem to have groggy effects in the morning. Have bought multiple times, will continue to do so.

Love it!

My new go to for my wash n go!!! Works great on top of uncle funky's curly magic!

Organic Wildflower Bee Pollen
Leona Wade (Edmonds, WA, US)
Bee Pollen

I've heard of bee pollen, some smoothie stores offer it. Sometimes I add it in, if they do. I have seasonal allergies and adding this into my breakfast or drinks has been pretty nice. I don't really notice the bitter taste when it is in something. Overall it is a great product, you literally see the granules, they are about the size of nerds.

Shea Butter Lotion
Aubrey Porter (Seattle, WA, US)
Thank Goodness!

I was looking for a basic zero waste lotion that didn’t make me all greasy….lo and behold, EcoCollective comes in clutch yet again. Perfect for a minimal self-care routine that still feels luxurious.

Fountain Pen Refillable Highlighter
A.S. (Bellevue, WA, US)
SUCH a cool product

I love this highlighter! It's a nice, bright classic highlighter yellow, and the ink goes on smoothly and doesn't smudge any inks I've tried it with. It also doesn't bleed through on any of the papers I've tried - including on paperback books! It's easy to travel with and I love the look of the transparent body - such a great addition to my pen collection and I get so many compliments on it.

Shaving Gel Bar
A.S. (Bellevue, WA, US)
Love the texture

I don't think I've ever tried a shaving gel like this one. It literally feels like the moisture strip on the venus razors - a thin, slippery gel consistency that helps my safety razor glide over my skin without any irritation or discomfort. Will be repurchasing when I run out, which will probs be in like a year.

Doesn't dry out my skin!

I love this cleanser - the simplicity of this product means it doesn't irritate or dry out my skin! My skin feels cleansed but not tight, and I swear it's lessened my breakouts.

Liquid Hand Soap
Leona Wade (Edmonds, WA, US)
Hand Soap

My boyfriend isn't a fan of Dr. Bronners when I put it in a dispenser, it seems to shoot out of the pump and get everywhere. He also isn't big on various smells and neither am I. I went for the unscented version this time. I like that it came in an aluminum bottle that I can either recycle or reuse. Reusing it will be something that I am looking forward to. This soap is almost like the softsoap that you get at the store. Doesn't shoot out of the pump since it is much thicker. Will be getting again.

Toothpaste tablets
Leona Wade (Edmonds, WA, US)
Easy to use toothpaste tabs

These toothpaste tabs are great. I have used others and sometimes they are too sweet for my liking. These have a nice minty flavor that isnt overpowering and a mild sweetness to them. Little powdery when chewing so make sure to have a little water in your mouth.

Gummy Vitamins - D3 & B12
Ashleigh Totin (Seattle, WA, US)

I am so pumped i finally found a truly low waste vitamin option!
I am slowly transitioning all of the vitamins i can to Herbland! And thank you Eco Collective for making them so accessible AND providing compostable packaging to make my zero waste dreams come true! Bonus: It’s also a nice little morning treat as i cruise out the door for work!

Clarifying Shampoo Bar - Tea Tree and Mint
Shay F Steeves (Seattle, WA, US)
Great product!

Really love the way this product makes my hair feel. I’ve used a lot of shampoo bars, many from lush that I was disappointed with, and this one is by far one of my favorites. It lathers really nicely and leaves a light scent that is pleasant but not overbearing. Doesn’t leave hair feeling greasy, just feeling clean and fresh.

Terra Ties Biodegradable Hair Ties
Brooke Shallenbarger (Wrightsville, PA, US)
No thanks terra ties!

These hair ties are a disappointment. You can usually wear one hair tie every day for about 5 days before they snap either while you are wearing them of while you are tying back your hair. They are thicker but they are most definitely are not more durable. I am just trying to do something good for the environment by purchasing eco friendly products, but this one just doesn’t work! Save your money and your hair, don’t by this product.

Cocoa Butter Conditioner Bar
Bryn (Seattle, WA, US)

This conditioner works great! I love how my hair feels after. It was smaller than I expected when I got it, but it seems to be lasting pretty well.

Jello Shot - Firm Hold Hair Gel
Bryn (Seattle, WA, US)

This gel works great! A perfect replacement for the bumble and bumble product I used to use and honestly works way better. I was skeptical because my curls don't always respond well to new products, but this one is a keeper for sure. My curls are super soft too.

Wooden dish brush + replacement head
Jeremy (Chicago, IL, US)

I thought this brush would be flimsy. I was wrong! The bristles are strong, it drains well! It’s actually tough on pan residue. I’m pleasantly impressed! Thank you EC!

Mango Deep Conditioner
Eleanor Hungerford (St Louis, MO, US)
Great for curls

As other reviewers have said, I use this as my daily conditioner (and sometimes as my co-wash, depending on the day) because my curly hair is extremely thirsty. It gives great slip and softness and my hair looks and feels amazing, plus it smells soooo juicy and delicious. I'm so happy to have found a conditioner that isn't packaged in plastic that my finicky hair likes! I usually buy two bottles at a time because it seems to go out of stock so frequently.

Gummy Vitamins - D3 & B12
Fidelina Ambriz (Aptos, CA, US)
good for you and vegan

I like the texture of it feels like a candy gummy but it actually vitamins and the taste is really good too I also like getting an item shipped to me without and plastic and knowing that I did a small change


I like that it is sustainable, durable and that it really works on me. Would be cool to have something like that in travel size. =)

Jello Shot - Firm Hold Hair Gel
Aly (New York, NY, US)
Very cool

Decided to try it out, something that would help me to keep my thin hair curly, and surprisingly it did replace both of my mousse and hair spray. Which I'm glad about. It definitely takes some time to learn how to use it, not to make hair too stick or not to put too little amount. But I definitely like it and that it doesn't have a strong smell like most of the hair products. And the sustainable package makes it even cooler. Thank you!

Cocoa Butter Conditioner Bar
Morgan Crosby (Seattle, WA, US)
Love it.

I’ve been searching and testing other low waste conditioner bars and hating them. This is amazing. My hair already feels so good. My 2C hair can feel dry and this helped so much already. I love it.

Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant & Aftershave
Alicia Hawbecker (Willowbrook, IL, US)
This little thing is awesome!! Works great!

This thing is awesome! Way better than other natural deodorants. I learned about this in my Ayurveda program and found the nicely rounded one on this website. I apply it when my skin is clean with a little water, it dries pretty quick. I convinced my husband to try it and he loves it too! I don't smell with this one - not even after my spin class! It's crazy. Seems like it will last forever which is nice and no packaging!! Glad I found Eco Collective.

Pump - mason jar attachment
Kelly Carpenter (Seattle, WA, US)
Broke within a couple months

Worked wonderfully originally, but broke within a few months. The straw no longer connects to the dispenser body. I have tried multiple times to fix it, but finally decided it's time to recycle it. Amazon reviews seem to indicate a similar problem.

Stasher half gallon bags
Tung T Ho (Bellevue, WA, US)
Versatile size

Store your phone or snacks for a waterproof trip on the lake or at the beach.