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Clarifying Shampoo Bar - Tea Tree and Mint
Maria Adams (Cle Elum, WA, US)
Great way to ditch the plastic!

This bar lathes up nicely. The smell is pleasant and not overpowering. Love this!

Organic cane sugar hair removal wax
Moji (Seattle, WA, US)

I love this sugar wax. So simple and easy to use.

Fountain Pen Ink Bottles
Sandy SEESTEDT (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Everything works so well!

This ink is so smooth and the plunge cartridge is fabulous. The color is impeccable, very saturated. If you buy this pen, ink, and cartridge you will be very happy.

Lovely texture but did not last very long

I had high hopes for this deodorant but it just didn't do it for me. I've probably tried over 30 different low waste/natural deodorants and have only found 1 that works, but it's expensive. That's why I decided to give this one a try. It went on really nicely and comes out of the tube really well which is nice, but not even halfway through the day I started to smell. As someone who gets rashes from baking soda deodorants this one did not give me any sort of irritation which was great and the lavender scent is really pleasant as well.

Lovely face wash bars

I've used the Abyss bar in the past and this is my first time using the Muddy Buddy and I love it! I think it fits my skin type a little better than the Abyss bar.

Great on shower day

I have tried many natural deodorants in the last 14+ years of natural living. I was curious about this one as it can also be used for skin care in the event it didn’t work well as a deodorant. This deodorant works quite well straight out of the shower. I’m a busy mama who doesn’t have the luxury of daily showers, so I’ve had the occasion to use it on a non-shower day. Even though I washed with soap prior to use, it still failed to keep me stink-free. I do love how it never causes skin irritation, even when used directly after shaving.

Shaving Gel Bar
S.S. (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Loves it!

My yoga instructor son in Oahu is the most finicky person I know. Sensitive skin sensitive everything -utterly endorses this fabulous shave bar and gives it five stars. So now I will buy it for my other two sons without question. Very happy to turn them on to a total eco friendly shave cream improvement!
Thank you Ecocollective!

A treat!

Didn't think much of this towel at first other than I liked how it didn't move around like hand-wrapped towels do, but then my curly hair seems have gotten used to drying in it and I now get so much more curl definition consistently. It's a total treat for your hair: super soft, stays put and dries hair nicely. I'm thinking of getting one for my mom too.

Gummy Vitamins - Sleep Plus
Natalie Schobert (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Love these gummies -so yummy

These are delicious and one will put me to sleep. I bought these first when they were newer and glad they are now come in a bag. Delicious and makes me happy eating them. Love the gummy part. Thank you 😊

Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant & Aftershave
Cole Ivie (Palm Desert, CA, US)
Works like magic

Absolutely awesome. The alum stone works like magic and worked for me right after my first application. Definitely get this.

Tooth Tabs
Jennifer Greene (Seattle, WA, US)
Love these

These are great for so many reasons. Only took a few days to adjust. I went through the first pack then tried a different brand with bentonite clay that was way too intense. Happily returned to these and will continue to use as long as they are available. Thank you EC for carrying this wonderfully waste-free, high-quality product!

Safety Razor
Anonymous (New York, NY, US)

I wrote the 3-star review near New York, New York and wanted to edit it, but it wouldn't let me. So here is the updated review. It took me four times to be able to get the razor to work because it's all about the angle in which you shave. So there is a learning curve, but it's not that bad. I have to say it's fast, sharp, and great! Because it's double sided and a little bigger than some other razor heads you can shave way faster than normal (at least for me because I have short legs). You also have to keep in mind that because the handle is 100% metal, it can be tricky to hold sometimes, but for some reason if you rinse the soap/shaving cream off it becomes grippable again. Overall, it's a great, faster, long lasting product. I have absolutely no complaints and highly recommend.

Love this soap

I’ve been using this for the last month and I love it! It has a great lather to it and has worked well with my other products. My skin is so happy with it!

For context: Age 29, acne prone + combination skin

Tinted Facial Moisturizer - SPF 30+
Leo G (San Francisco, CA, US)
Really nice light tint

A bit hard to spread but protects well and the color is subtle while still preventing the white sunscreen look. Super nice!

Jelly Serum Bar
S.S. (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Soothes and smooths

Being 66 and having extremely reactionary, dry skin this is both moisturizing and calming. Sometimes I will put it on twice just because it feels so good.

Shaving Gel Bar
S.S. (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Puts shave cream to shame

My husband has given up canned shave cream because he gets a better shave with with this Shave Bar. His complexion has much improved too.

Safety Razor
Berkley Nisson (Salt Lake City, UT, US)

I am not someone who shaves super often but the time that I did shave (my legs) with my safety razor it was very impressive. It was the closest shave I’ve ever gotten and my hair was grown out a bit too. To be fair I haven’t tried it with thicker hair but I assume it would still work amazing! It’s super easy to clean and put together. It doesn’t get clogged with hair! It also looks super nice! The one thing I would say is just to go slow on your first try (especially bc the handle isn’t super grippy). I barely cut my knee twice on my first shave but it was very minor and I cut myself with new disposable razors almost every time bc I’m impatient. Overall, definitely worth the price and a superior option to disposables

Fountain Pen Ink Bottles
Camille Larson (Summerville, SC, US)

Got sent the wrong thing and the team was very responsive and nice! Great product and very fast shipping! Thank you!

Gummy Vitamins - Plant-Based Omega 3
Christina Taft (Mobile, AL, US)
Great Find

I love these vitamins. If you are switching from other gummies that you buy in a store or large retailer, these are different (not quite as sweet and the texture is different), but I think it is well worth it to be vegan and sugar free. I will be repurchasing and I highly recommend them!

Screw-Top Tins
astanley (Danville, VA, US)
Useful Little Container!

I used this container to hold some gummy vitamins while traveling, and it was super secure. It's so lightweight and easy to pack. I will definitely reuse it over and over again!

Organic Wildflower Bee Pollen
astanley (Danville, VA, US)
Cute Jar, Nice Size

I love the hexagonal jar for holding bee pollen! I definitely will reuse the jar in the future. Also, this is a nice size because I won't use more than this during the next several months (or more). I appreciate this product because it's the only organic US produced bee pollen I could find.

Jelly Serum Bar
Anonymous (Seattle, WA, US)
Best serum I have ever used

Application of the serum by using the bar directly on my face is simply fantastic. This serum also absorbs so smoothly into my skin. It's a fantastic product. I am amazed.

Bubble Buddy Soap Trays
Caroline (Seattle, WA, US)
Love my soap tray!

I'd been eyeing these for a while and finally decided to get one. Design is great; I keep it in shower with my face wash and shampoo bar on top and it doesn't collect much water underneath.

Orange Marmalade Curl Definer
Sarah (Laurel Springs, NC, US)
Instant fan

This stuff not only smells amazing…IT WORKS! My curls are so defined and not frizzy. Curliest my hair has ever been. Don’t sleep on this product!

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws
M.W. (Seattle, WA, US)
I like it!

I got a larger one for myself and a smaller one for my daughter. I got the tips and the silencers. She prefers not to use the tip. The straw isn't sharp at all - the tip is not crucial. She also likes to use hers upside down in a smaller cup - it stays in the cup better.