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A little goes a long way!

This product is wonderful! My under eyes always look refreshed after use. A little goes a long way, which is amazing. This should last quite a while

Reusable eye masks
G. (Seattle, WA, US)
Amazing Eye Masks

Easy to use and even easier to clean. I love them! These stick without an issue. My under eyes always look refreshed after use. I wish the tin was a flip lid vs a removable one, only because it s a little difficult to open at times. Still love it though!

Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant & Aftershave
Sandra Gaona (Union City, NJ, US)

This alum stone is great. Never using regular deodorants ever again.


I’ve been using this for a week and love it. I even did jiu jitsu last night and wasn’t stinky. Would highly recommend.

Cloud Cream - Plumping Hyaluronic Eye Cream
Amanda Branch (Seattle, WA, US)
Lovely cream

I love this eye cream so much. The pump is so convenient and it pairs perfectly with the eco collective eye mask. I gifted to my friends for the holidays. A huge hit!

Reusable eye masks
Ashleigh (Renton, WA, US)
A very convenient and space saving swap!

I used to purchase the disposable eye masks, until i embraced a low waste/ minimalist lifestyle. But i found myself missing the results the masks gave! These are a real lifesaver ( and space saver, and money saver, and waste saver!)! Love this product!

Eye mask - damaged stock
Morgan Crosby (Marysville, WA, US)
Get this one for sure.

The tin has a tiny dent in the top of the lid and is basically non-existent. I am really glad to have this reusable option and to get it in such great condition is awesome.

Never going back!

After using the alum stone for about four months, I ordered a second one to keep at the gym. I have been happy with it from the very beginning and have not smelled at all (even after intense workouts). It is easy to travel with.
NOTE: I had already detoxed from regular deodorant during COVID.

Best oil from head to toe

I'm a repeat customer!!! My skin and hair love this oil. It gives me radiant skin; it absorbs so well and so quickly and gradually reduces black spots on my face. Feels great after applying and smells natural.


These eye masks are nice to use with a good eye cream in the morning to refresh the eyes. They stay in place and do not slide down your face and can be kept in the refrigerator.

Worth it!

After paying a lot each month at a salon for sugaring, I decided to try it at home and it's been so worth it! Great tutorials about how the methods. I expected some trial and error but overall it's been easier than I thought it would be to sugar myself at home. And saves SO much money! It's also not nearly as messy to do yourself as I anticipated. Overall I'm sold!

Citrus Disinfectant Spray - 70% alcohol
Monica (Columbus, OH, US)
Great disinfect spray

I love the subtle citrusy scent of this spray. I love using it for cleaning the kitchen after making dinner to get rid of any germs from eggs or raw meat. I also use it in the bathroom. The bottle is high quality and never stops spritzing!

Reusable eye masks
Susan Y (Fort Myers, FL, US)
Amazing...Love the reusable part!

No puffy eyes here! Love the soft reusable silicone and the preservation container they come in. Love them so much I bought as stocking stuffers for all the ladies in my family for Christmas!

Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant & Aftershave
Mariela Hoang (Kansas City, MO, US)

Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant & Aftershave

Totally worth every penny!

I've been wanting to get this Ebook for some time now and finally decided to stop waiting and get to cleaning up my home, and this book has been so helpful in keeping me organized and in helping me remember to do all the things I forget to do by season. It has some awesome tips and tricks for enjoying the process of cleaning your space and makes me excited to clean up at the end of the day. I'd highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Eye mask - damaged stock
Veronica Fuentez (Columbus, IN, US)
Eye Mask (damaged)

My eye patches look and work like new! Seriously,
great quality control and customer experience! I'm glad they weren't tossed as waste.


I’ve been using this in combination with magnesium oil spray and I’m yet to notice armpit odor. Excellent!

Nice for travel

I love to bring this bar for travel, especially camping. Very easy to use and surprisingly created a luxurious lather. Didn’t make my skin feel overly dry.

Safety Razor
A.B. (Seattle, WA, US)
Pretty luxe

This razor took me some time to truly use with ease but the learning curve is worth it. It’s HEAVY in an expensive, luxurious way. This razor elevates what is usually a mundane self care product to a sophisticated delight to look and and use frequently. Worth the splurge.

Reusable eye masks
A.B. (Seattle, WA, US)
No bags here

What a luxurious little treat this product is. So easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store in the adorable little tin! I have been spectacle about products like this in the past but the eco collective eye mask has really proved to deliver the results I’ve been looking for.

Best ever

I have used EVERY natural deodorant on the market and somehow this salty rock is #1. The packaging is gorgeous, the product is gorgeous (crystal, duh), and I literally NEVER have issues with needing to reapply throughout the day. I’m the morning, one and done. This product defo boosts my confidence.

Simply lovely

I’ve been using sunshine oil for a couple months now and I am so impressed! The light scent of natural oils is so lovely I look forward to it every morning. It leaves my skin glistening and moisturized without feeling oily. Will repurchase.

Amazing Sugar Wax

I love this sugar wax! I had it for a few months before using because I needed to finish another product I previously purchased. I now use this wax for my underarms and love it. It did take getting used to though. I found that since my underarms are naturally on the warmer side, I have to use the strip method instead of the ball or flick method. Whenever my underarms are fully waxed, they are left feeling super soft and the hair takes about 3–4 weeks for it to reach waxing length again. Highly recommend!

Easy for beginners, love!

I finally tried Marimar’s sugar wax that I bought months ago—it’s amazing! This was my first time doing any type of waxing, and it went very well. Don’t skip the exfoliation step before you start. I did both legs in about an hour, and used about 4oz of wax. I used the strip method with strips of brown paper bag and a butter knife applicator, but am going to try the ball method next time since that’s what my salon lady does. I was surprised at how little pain I experienced—sugar wax doesn’t rip the skin like normal wax, so it’s a much more tolerable and pleasant experience. It washed off super easily in the shower when I was done. I have extremely sensitive skin and this left my skin feeling great! I had some slight redness and little bumps for a few minutes, but that calmed down pretty quickly. I would normally pay around $100 or more to have my legs sugared at a studio/salon, so I think this is cost effective/worth the price. My skin is smooth and I’m happy! Photos taken after first strip was pulled and right after showering. Note that my skin is not red or irritated! Thanks Eco Collective for another amazing product, and the instructions for use made it super easy for a beginner to follow. :)