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Works well and great taste!

These tablets work well to clean my teeth and the essential oils give it a great taste so my mouth feels fresh and clean.
I especially love the fact that there is no waste when the tablets are finished.

Questionable durability

I've had my handheld pot scrubber for less than a month now and I am concerned about the durability of this product. I store my brush upright and away from water as the use and care instructions dictate; however, the wooden handle is cracked near the bristles and the bristles keep falling out. I hope this is simply part of a break in process and the pot scrubber will last for months to come. The scrubber does tackle grease and burnt food extremely well and provides a great soapy lather!

True Magic

I absolutely love indulging in a luxurious lather of jojoba oil after a hot shower. I am so grateful Eco Collective offers a high quality product in eco-friendly packaging.

Jojoba oil is a carbon negative plant, meaning as the plant grow it actually removes carbon from our atmosphere!! So not only is the oil kind to your skin, it is also kind to the Earth. To quote Eco Collective, this product is truly "magic"!

HIGHLY recommend.

Large pour lid

This is the first product by eco-collective that I am disappointed by. The lid offers two pouring methods - an open mouth side and a side with holes to "sprinkle out powders". In my experience the holes tend to dump out products, specifically dry shampoo. I do not recommend purchasing this lid if your desire is to use it with fine powder products. I also want to reiterate, this lid is PLASTIC. I am bummed :(

A good alternative to this plastic product is the stainless steel shaker lid offered by Mason Jar Lifestyle ( 3 different shaker options all in one lid: small holes, large hole, open mouth pouring, and closed. Perhaps Eco Collective will start carrying this option!


I am hooked on this dry shampoo! I use about a teaspoon of this product in my oily shoulder length straight hair. I rub the powder into my scalp and voila! My hair is refreshed and ready to go like I just showered. Whether I am on a week long camping trip or just in-between showers this dry shampoo does the trick - AND the 3/4 cup product come in home compatible compostable packaging!

Same toxic ingredient issue as curl conditioner

Sadly these products contain environmental toxins. Wont buy again.

Toxic ingredient

Forgot to check ingredient list. EWG notes high toxicity and surfactant ingredient in the list. Bad for all living organisms.

Too chalky

I’ve tried to like these. My boyfriend does so I’ll make these his toothpaste. I’m going to order another brand, I cannot get over how chalky they are. They won’t foam at all. I understand foam doesn’t always mean clean but it leaves something to be desired. I don’t feel this helps freshen my breath or clean my teeth very well. I wish they worked for me the packaging is great.

It works!

I was skeptical about replacing my standard deodorant with this, but it really works! I'm thrilled!

Great product, great seller

Loved this clay, and it shipped to me fairly quickly, too. Will buy from here again.

love this detergent! smells amazing!

Amazing suds!

Smells sooo good and a little goes a long way! I’m glad I’ll be saving money in the long run by using this

I love it for my dishes!

Can scrub hard with it when drier and gentle when wet. Really happy with it and it is holding up nicely:)

game changer

finding micellar water in bulk is amazing, I love using it with the reusable face pads when I’m too lazy for my whole skincare routine

Finally a compostable tape product

Lovely find and makes using tape enjoyable because it can simply be composted! My spouse now uses it for bullet journaling to add some flair to her pages. Reading up on a little bit of the history of washi tape was also really cool.

Awesome food graphic

I've always tried to write out on paper what's in season and when. This wheel makes it so much easier and is much more comprehensive when I can't simply go to a farmers market. It's also very pretty and has me noticing many other fruits and vegetables that I didn't even know were local to the PNW. I've only had this for about a month but would never want to live anywhere without it.

The back of it also has loads of extra information about seasonality and when things are commercially available if the front doesn't have everything you need.

Mine is pinned up very simply with a thumbtack in drywall in my kitchen.

Worked immediately

I got a small citrus stain on a natural dye cotton shirt and immediately was worried it'd stain forever. I followed the instructions to rinse the rinse the area and rub the stain stick. After some light scrubbing in the hand wash basin of my washing machine the stain was gone, my clothes as good as new, and ready to be worn again after some air drying.

awesome sponge replacement!

This dish brush is effective and I love that the handle lets me keep my hands out of the hot water/soap (very helpful for sensitive skin/eczema!) I will say after a few uses I started to see cracks in the wood of the brush head but it seems to have little effect besides making the bristles slightly more flexible. It pairs super well with the handheld pot scrubber and I'm loving these additions to my eco-friendlier kitchen!

awesome scrubber!

This scrubber is super effective especially on pans with burnt bits and a great replacement for steel wool/Brillo pads!

Wavy/curly hair approved

This conditioner has been great for my wavy hair. I use it paired with the curly hair shampoo bar and I have no complaints.

High quality

I wish I had bought these years ago. These are perfect for decanting basically anything but it works great for liquid soap and cleaning supplies. These are very sturdy and not cheap.

Great way to reduce waste!!!

These un paper towels work great as napkins or “paper” towels, either in the kitchen or bathroom. I love them and have made them a standard present for many people!!


my underarms have always been extremely sensitive to the point where even natural deodorants constantly broke me out in a rash AND made them dark! I’ve found one that worked a little but it did NOTHING for odor - if anything I think it made it worse! But on the first use with this, NO SMELL ALL DAY! Like wow - a week into using it and no rash either. Never thought a rock would be the answer to my sensitive underarms

Makes Laundry Super SImple

I found these after I got tired of going to the coop to fill up a big jug of laundry detergent from the bulk section, which always ended up being slow and messy. I was intrigued by these when I saw them on the shelves of Eco Collective so I got a box and gave them a try, and wow am I glad that I did!! At the moment these pods are the only thing I will use to do laundry with, they are so compact and portable which is great because I have o go to a laundromat. Plus, being the self-contained pods that they are, there is no mess at all! I also got my mom hooked on them, she says that with these pods laundry has never been so simple.

Classic Toothbrush, but Sustainable!

I mean, can you really go wrong? This toothbrush is perfect for just about anyone, seriously. They last a month or two and they are almost fully compostable, what's no to love? <3