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Muddy Buddy - Exfoliating Clay Cleansing Bar
Kaylynn Hoglin (Laramie, WY, US)
Best face wash ever

I struggle with acne and dry skin and this face bar moisturizes my skin and really prevents breakouts! And it looks super cute on my bamboo soap holder.

Safety razor replacement blades - set of 10
Kaylynn Hoglin (Laramie, WY, US)
Great value!

These are great quality and very affordable.

Love it

I feel so silly. I got this months ago to add to my 'present stash' (a random stash of nice little things to give to people whenever I feel like it), but it started getting a little strange, so I have been using it myself for the past month for my hands like a soap bar - it is definitely expensive for that purpose, but I love it!

My hands have felt silky smooth all winter, and the smell is wonderful. I guess I'll try it as a face wash next? Either way, I'm ordering more!

Organic Cotton Hair Towel
G.W. (Tacoma, WA, US)

This is the best hair towel ever. Super soft, luxurious feel, thicker, very absorbent, good size. Well made, quality product!

Tooth Tabs
G.W. (Tacoma, WA, US)
Not foamy, use 2

I like tooth tabs in general, but these in particular are not foamy, which is my personal preference. I also don’t love the flavor or texture and need 2 to feel a good level of clean. However, it’s great they have a fluoride included option since many tabs are fluoride free! Love the little jar with stickers, and I’ll also put some in a little tin I bought here so I can easily travel with them.

Nature Print Undated Planner
Alexa Snyder (Florence, AL, US)

Nature Print Undated Planner

Gummy Vitamins - Sleep Plus
N.C. (Seattle, WA, US)
Effective sleep aid

This product worked well for me addressing sleep issues from stress/anxiety. There is a noticeable calming effect within 30 minutes of taking a gummy and I wake up feeling fully rested. My sleep cycle is more regular on nights when I don't take them too.

After Cry - soothing eye cream
Anonymous (Seattle, WA, US)
Excellent eye cream

I have mature, sensitive skin prone to dryness/breakouts when I put the wrong stuff on it. Love this cream, which I first started using before the "After Cry" rebranding. I use it nightly under my eyes to prevent dark circles and occasionally as an overall facial moisturizer. You only need to apply a small amount to get results but it's always tempting to use more.

Orange Marmalade Curl Definer
J. Casas (Buffalo, NY, US)
I love it!

It’s the perfect hair gel for curls. Great slip and a little goes a long way. Also I love that there’s a light scent which isn’t too over powering.


I have had luck with this but the last two times I’ve used this it has made the stain worse. In the recent case I used it to lessen the appearance of an oil stain but it didnt remove the stain and seems to have bleached/discolored the area. So it is worse than before. I am so upset as it was a brand new dress.

Screw-Top Tins
Amy Frey (Big Sky, MT, US)

Too small for my shampoo bar but really nice and I’ll surely put them to use

Eco-Collective huh?

Aor such a name as eco collective, they do sell a lot of trash, plus they don't tell you about the kind of packaging, the name of this company seems to be click-bait for environmentalists considering all the green-washing

lol, check our products pages and navigate to our packaging tab or materials tab, you should find the packaging information there and please ask us if you don't see the information you're looking for. Just remember, there are a lot of personal interpretations of environmentalism, if you don't like ours, that's ok. We put a lot of time and energy into our 'trash' products, many of which come from small businesses who don't have all the resources to be completely zero waste, it's expensive and there are a lot of barriers to entry. But we're all out here trying our best and supporting each other with the resources we have available.

Refillable Dental Floss
L.B. (Issaquah, WA, US)
Vegan floss breaks easily

I love eco collective and have had great experiences with everything else I've ordered, but this vegan floss completely fell apart with barely any pressure, leaving lots of strands in my teeth. At this point, I feel like I can't even use it sadly.

Gummy Vitamins - Sleep Plus
astanley (Danville, VA, US)
Great Supplement, Great Value

I have been using these off and on for a few months now, and I have noticed that I sleep more soundly when I take them. I like to take them a couple hours before bed time so I get the full benefit, and then I am ready to get up in the morning.

Jelly Serum Bar
R. (Burbank, CA, US)
I like it

I have very dry skin and this moisturizer helps but doesn't fully sooth my skin. For the price I expected more. I do like the ease of application and storage tin!

Nature Print Hardcover Journal
Meredith Czymmek (Groton, NY, US)
Nice cover and nice paper

One caveat with these journals is that the covers are easily damaged if wet, probably because of their compostable design. The paper is thick enough that I don't get bleed-through, although when I use my thicker Pilot V5 pens the paper is thin enough that I can see the "shadow" of the ink on the other side of the page. Love the dot grid, too.

Gummy Vitamins - Plant-Based Omega 3
Denise Cordeiro (Mesa, AZ, US)
Gummies in a pouch

We love the gummies we purchased . We ordered the flaxseed omega 3 and the d3 gummies . They taste great no kidding. We feel better than ever because we are cutting down on plastic usage. Now to get dish soap in nonplastic containers.

Refillable Dental Floss
J.G. (Seattle, WA, US)
Good floss

Been using for a couple weeks. No breaks, seems durable. Love the little glass container. Came here to order refills but they’re out of stock. Hope they can be replenished

Bamboo Paddle Hair Brush
K. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US)
It's fine, but not lasting

I've had this for maybe a year or more? I like it. It's fine. But one of the bristles split a long time ago (not sure how/why) and now that bristle always grabs my hair. I was already thinking about replacing it with a new brush, and then saw that it's supposed to last decades! :-( Maybe I got a bad one?

Jello Shot - Firm Hold Hair Gel
Rachel D (Seattle, WA, US)
Strong Hold!

I have very curly hair that requires a lot of gel to tame the frizz and hold the curls. I have used many gels but never found one that holds my hair sooo well. So well, infact, that I have to use very little of the product. I've been mixing it with a bit of water in my hand before application because the gel is so thick....this helps it spread more evenly....and also means that I don't have to use as much!

Rice Pudding Leave-In Conditioner
Rachel D (Seattle, WA, US)

I absolutely LOVE this product. I've only been using it for a couple weeks and can already tell a huge difference! My hair feels softer, more shiny, and less dry. My scalp also feels less itchy. I love that I feel good about the ingredients and my hair feels so much healthier!

Gummy Vitamins - D3 & B12
Stevie Mae Holyfield
Gummy Vitamins D3&B12

Very tasty! And the low waste packaging is a huge plus. Will definitely be buying again (:

Rooibos Eye Cream
Dani L (Boise, ID, US)

So far I have loved this eye cream. The smell is very subtle but good and you can’t beat the price. I’ve used other eye creams that were extremely expensive yet didn’t feel right on my skin.
Love this product, highly recommend!

Nature Print Softcover Journal
Arysa Puckett (Fort Collins, CO, US)
Super cute!

I was looking for a nice, sustainable journal! & this was perfect for me! I’d highly recommend it!

Super duper

It’s definitely saving my soap. I use a turmeric bar soap and it fits well and I love how the bag scrubs my skin as I go. And it hangs!