Create your routine

Routines are the daily habits that leave you feeling refreshed and grounded. They give us a sense of normalcy - no matter what the day holds. When we infuse these routines with intention, they become rituals. We can find ritual in the simplest of things - like washing our face or putting on lotion. When we practice this kind of mindfulness, our day becomes filled with things that bring us back to the present moment. That's where the magic happens.

If you've decided to refresh your routine, you've come to the right place. Sustainable, small batch, health conscious items for every part of your day.

Build your morning routine

Start the morning fresh with a few important steps that set the tone for your day. Journaling, wellness tools and supplements, maybe a lil' skincare. Shop the collection here: zero waste morning routines.

Zero waste morning routine

Refresh your cleaning routine

Detox your cleaning supplies with our peppermint castile soap bar, French inspired dish soap blocks and recycled soap trays. Get inspired to do some zero waste cleaning here.

Zero waste cleaning tools

Invest in rest - curate your night routine

Simple but effective ways to wind down - clay cleansing bars for washing your face, hand lotion to keep by your bedside and our best selling reusable eye masks. Shop night routines here.

Night routine with solid face soap bars