Zero Waste Cleaning Guide (21 pages with seasonal checklists + more!)

Our NEW How-To Guide to sustainable + seasonal home cleaning!

Our intention behind this e-book was to turn a task that normally feels like a chore into a refreshing ritual. With the right tools and routines in place, we truly believe that cleaning can become a mindful task and that drains less of your energy and less of your time.

Each page is filled with easy-to-implement changes to elevate your cleaning routines and make them more earth-friendly, too. We talk about how to turn chores you dread into routines you enjoy and fit seamlessly into your day, ways to get around tasks you dislike, and little hacks to get you started when you're getting stuck. This guide is for a clean home and a clear mind.

We also created a checklist for each season of home care that reminds you of Deep Cleaning items you might only do once or twice a year, like swapping out your filters or cleaning your windows. Winter, spring, summer and fall.

It includes a master list of our all-time favorite zero waste cleaning tools that we've discovered over the years. From brushes to cleaning solutions, we share the companies and products we adore - right from our cabinets!

In the first chapter, we share seasonal rituals from our own homes, and the specific ways we've changed our cleaning habits to make cleaning more enjoyable and manageable over the years. Tips and tricks that we hope will leave you with more time and energy leftover to do the things that matter to you. 

Check out a preview of the seasonal checklists in the product photos...

Infuse your everyday cleaning routines with intention and watch them become a more approachable part of your day. Our checklists for Daily, Weekly and Monthly cleaning is a lifeline for those busy, crowded days. Each cleaning ritual is a call for you to set aside the stress and the pressure and just care for your home in a sustainable way — whether you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes.

The guide is 21 pages long and it's packed with seasonal advice, printable checklists and easy-to-use tips for zero waste home cleaning that doesn't feel like a chore. We hope our guide leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired to change the way you look at cleaning and do more of what you want with the time that you have.

Pressure's off, rituals are ON.

PS - this guide is valued at $29 with all the resources inside but we wanted this to be a really easy thing to say yes to so you can hit download, get inspired and adapt it into your daily life so we're setting the price at just $12!

Customer Reviews

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Brenna C. (Ogden, UT, US)
Totally worth every penny!

I've been wanting to get this Ebook for some time now and finally decided to stop waiting and get to cleaning up my home, and this book has been so helpful in keeping me organized and in helping me remember to do all the things I forget to do by season. It has some awesome tips and tricks for enjoying the process of cleaning your space and makes me excited to clean up at the end of the day. I'd highly recommend this to anyone and everyone!