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From farmer’s market stand to online wellness brand!

For the past 4 years, we’ve been your local source for zero waste essentials, and we’ve loved every second of it. In that time, we’ve also seen the zero waste movement change so much! Plastic-free and sustainable products are now available in so many more places, and you can even find some of these old zero waste staples at your neighborhood Target or Walmart. We love to see zero waste become so much more accessible, but all this growth has us reevaluating our place in the landscape.

We’re embracing this new era as an opportunity to carve out our niche in the sustainability world: one that allows us to share with you some of the self care practices that have supported our mental health - a topic as close to our heart as sustainability is. 

Eco Collective grew from the bond Marimar and I formed around our zero waste journeys - but also from our shared experiences in therapy and life after trauma. When we met, we were both emerging from a time when things felt heavy and out of focus. During this time, we found ourselves clinging to the simplest routines to ground ourselves. I remember how even washing my hair became an opportunity to pause, feel my feet on the floor, and get out of that fight or flight space. Don’t get me wrong - no hair mask or shampoo bar got me through my trauma. I went to EMDR therapy and years of talk therapy to get through the worst of it, but those simple tools were a big part of bringing me back to life.

I know we’re not alone in this. Everyone goes through difficult times, and we all have more stress in our lives than any of us ever asked for. We’ve found there’s something about caring for yourself that helps you feel in control, and that can be a really powerful feeling. Self care isn’t selfish. It’s our hope that the products we share can help ground you in routines that are refreshing and uplifting — and that are sustainable, responsibly sourced, and plastic-free.

In the coming months, we’ll be moving more towards filling a gap in the self care and wellness space. We’re even working on designing some new products (wait - did we just let the secret out??) but that also means saying goodbye to some others. Before we archive any products, we’ll be offering them at a discount as part of our Last Chance Collection.  If you miss a specific product you no longer see on the site, please reach out and we’ll help you find another source for that product! We encourage you to continue to use your buying power to make zero waste the norm, and we look forward to being a part of your journey. 

In community,

Genevieve, Marimar, and the Eco Collective Team