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I want to order for pickup, but it's not letting me choose pickup at checkout. Why not? What can I do?

We now have a warehouse to manage our online orders, as well as a brick and mortar shop. Pickup orders draw from whatever inventory we have in the brick & mortar shop.

If a product is available to pick up in store, it will show a green checkmark saying "Pickup available at Eco Collective, Ballard." If you don't see this message, the item is not available for pickup, it will have to be shipped.

You can ship the order instead, or you can remove the items that aren't available for pickup. You also have the option to place two separate orders - one for shipping and one for pickup.

At this time, we do not have the capacity to accommodate special requests. Thank you for your understanding and for supporting a small business!

There are no shipping or pickup options for me at checkout. How can I complete checkout?

Our bulk for store pickup products come in returnable glass mason jars and are not available to ship, so if you've added one of those to your cart along with items that can only be shipped (ie if we have the product in stock at our warehouse but not at our brick and mortar shop), then there won't be any checkout options.

If you'd like to have your order shipped, remove any bulk for store pickup products (it will say "store pickup" in the product title), which you can swap out for the corresponding shippable bulk product, then it should allow you to check out.

If you'd like to pick up your order, check the product page for each product in your cart to see whether it has a green checkmark saying "Pickup available at Eco Collective, Ballard." If you don't see this message, the item is not available for pickup, it will have to be shipped. You can either remove it from your cart, or if it's a shippable bulk product, you can swap it out for the corresponding bulk for store pickup option (for store pickup we only offer bulk that's packaged in returnable mason jars - the most low-waste option).

My shipping cost is higher than expected. Why is that, and what can I do to lower it?

We offer free shipping on US orders over $75 USD, and if you're shipping internationally, you will get a $7.65 USD discount on shipping when your order is over $75 USD. 

Right now our site will charge you twice for shipping if some items are coming from our brick and mortar store while others are coming from our warehouse. It's an error we would love to resolve but unfortunately can't control right now due to technical limitations. Please feel free to send us an email at to request a refund on shipping if you were either charged $15.30 for domestic shipping on an order under $75, or if you were any amount for domestic shipping on an order over $75. 

I want to get a bundle of multiple products that are each available for pickup individually, but the bundle is not available for pickup. What can I do?

Sometimes we bundle products together to give you a discount for buying them together (ex: unpaper towels + holder, multipacks, etc.). Unfortunately due to a technical issue on the setup for these bundle discounts, they are not available to order for store pickup. 

If you'd like to still get the bundled products and each item shows as available for pickup, you can add each item separately to your cart to complete checkout. If you did this and would like the bundle discount, you can send us an email at, include your order number and that you'd like the bundle discount, and we will refund you the difference in cost.

Thanks for your patience with this, we're working to resolve the issue!

Are you open for in-store shopping? 

Yes! We are currently open Friday-Monday from 11am-5pm at our Ballard Location. Come visit us, check out our new Bulk Bar and learn about our mason jar return program.

When are your store pickup hours?

Patio pickup is Wednesday 11am-2pm and you can also pick up orders inside during our in-store shopping hours Friday through Monday from 11am-5pm.

How much does shipping cost?

All of our shipping is carbon-neutral and plastic-free. Shipping is free for orders over $75, and otherwise costs a flat rate of $7.65 within the US. Additional shipping fees apply for international orders; costs are calculated at checkout. Store pickup is free.

Read here for more information on shipping and store pickup.

I want to make a return/exchange/cancellation. What do I do?

Please read our refund policy for more information on how to make a return, exchange, or cancellation. If you want to cancel an order you just placed, you need to contact us ASAP!

I just placed an order but now I want to add something else. How can I do that?

If your order hasn't been shipped or delivered yet (or you haven't picked it up), place another order, and in the order notes, write "please add this to order #[original order #]". 

If you paid for shipping twice and we are able to combine your two shipments, we'll refund one of your shipping fees.

I ordered online for shipping - where's my package?

Please read our shipping policy for more information on tracking down your package.

Do you still offer local delivery?

As of 9/3/2020 we have discontinued our local delivery service. You can still purchase all products for store pickup, including bulk products in returnable mason jars, and all products have shippable options which we can ship anywhere in the US.

How are orders packaged?

We package orders completely plastic-free! We ship use recyclable and compostable materials: recycled cardboard boxes, kraft paper envelopes, paper tape, and compostable shipping labels. 

Packaging for individual products varies; find info for each product under the "packaging" tab of the product page.

I'd like to sell my product in your store, who do I contact?

We are always looking for new products that support sustainable living. If you think your product belongs in our store please email us at with a description of the product(s), wholesale pricing sheet, and how your product supports sustainable, zero waste living.

Are any of your products tested on animals?

No, we do not sell products that are tested on animals. 

Are all of your products vegan?

No, we do carry some products that contain responsibly sourced beeswax, and our wool dryer balls are made of responsibly sourced wool. We also carry compostable silk dental floss, but recently added a vegan, corn-based option.

To check the ingredients of a specific product, please review the ingredients or materials tab on the product page. If you have any questions about a specific product, please ask a question on the product page and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit cards, Shop Pay (which we recommend since they offset carbon emissions for each shipment, on top of the carbon offsets provided by our shipping service!), Google Pay, and Apple Pay.