Meet the Team


Eco Collective is a sustainable self care brand that curates joyful and simple hair, skin, and wellness routines. Our community is built around a light-hearted approach to zero waste, and our work is rooted in the philosophy that self care is the very thing that fuels our activism.

We believe celebration and self care go hand-in-hand, and we hope Eco Collective can be a refuge for you — where sustainability is a given and you can refocus on what fuels you.  As you build your everyday routines, we hope these products offer a breath of fresh air in your busy day and a reminder to celebrate yourself and your efforts.



founder & creative director

I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Eco Collective, so I direct a lot of our marketing and brand story. I got into zero waste through minimalism - (anyone else play the #minsgame in 2016 and end up moving onto a sailboat?! Just me?). I got really serious about self care and mindfulness routines after starting therapy back in 2014, and it’s been really exciting to bring that passion into this new chapter at Eco Collective. Some of my favorite things are racing sailboats, foraging road trips, and aperol spritz. 


co-Founder & operations manager

I handle operations at Eco Collective. My current passions are my dog Charlie (she looks like a little fox and I'm obsessed), spending my time off looking at tile samples for my home remodel, and all things hair and skin care. 


in-House photographer & digital media assistant 

I do photography, and digital media marketing at Eco Collective. Lately, I’ve been into hunting down funky vintage home decor, and playing cozy video games.


in-house design lead

I work as a sustainable packaging designer here at Eco Collective. In my free time I like to look after my plant babies, try the latest DIY trends, and listen to spooky true crime podcasts.