Meet the Founders

Eco Collective is a sustainable self care brand that curates joyful and earth friendly hair, skin, and wellness routines. Our community is built around a light-hearted approach to zero waste, and our philosophy is that a sense of routine can ground and refresh us in a time when rest is hard to come by.

We value simplicity and versatility and we believe celebration and self care go hand-in-hand. We hope Eco Collective can be a refuge for you — where sustainability is a given and you can focus on what fuels you.  As you build your everyday routines, we hope these products offer a breath of fresh air in your busy day and a reminder to celebrate every step you take towards a more sustainable future. 


Genevieve in a purple top with curly hair

Founder & Creative Director
I started Eco Collective as a farmer’s market stand back in 2017 with the idea of bringing sustainable health and beauty items into the mainstream. My husband and I bought a sailboat and moved aboard, sparking even more experiments in minimalism and zero waste. While living on the boat, I got really into the capsule wardrobe, buying food in bulk (plastic-free), and clean beauty. Now we live in the mountains with our new baby Adeline and continue to explore sustainability with our chickens, composting, and making our own food from what we find in the backyard.
My love for routine and mindfulness came from starting therapy and PTSD recovery back in 2014, and I’ve taken self care really seriously ever since. That journey is what inspired our focus on health and wellness. Some of my all-time favorite things include racing sailboats, foraging, camping with our dog Rhubarb, and the ritual of aperol spritz. In short, I’m all about slow living, sustainability and having FUN with it all.
By infusing all of these things into what we create here at Eco Collective, I hope to share the joy of an earth friendly lifestyle and encourage you to take small steps and follow your inspiration.


Co-Founder & Operations Manager
I handle operations at Eco Collective. My current passions are my dog Charlie (she looks like a little fox and I'm obsessed), spending my time off looking at tile samples for my home remodel, and all things hair and skin care. 

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A collage with Marimar trying on face masks and Genevieve holding an alum stone