Fountain Pen Ink Bottles


Bring your writing to life with fun new colors for your fountain pen!

These inks come in unique and vibrant shades that bring an element of play to your everyday notes, to-do lists, and journaling. Small but mighty, these mini ink bottles give you the flexibility to try out a color (or six)... and surprisingly, they'll refill your pen up to 15 times!

Use with a refillable ink cartridge converter and fountain pen for your low-waste writing practice, or dilute ink with water to use with a paintbrush. These inks are fast-drying, nontoxic, and made with all-natural dyes. 

Perle Noire: a rich black ink well-suited for many paper types. An ideal everyday ink.

Bleu Myosotis: a cool purple-toned blue. A soft-spoken take on standard blue inks.

Rose Cyclamen: a vivid fuschia and a fabulous accent ink.

Orange Indien: a warm orange with a deep, coppery undertone.

Roulle d'Ancre: a warm, sepia-toned peach.

Vert Olive: a muted, sepia-toned olive green.

Vert Empire: a deep forest green and would work well as an everyday ink (with a twist!)

Bleu des Profondeurs: a deep sea blue. Cool tone and high contrast blue.

Please mind the swatches pictured, as the ink dries differently from how it may appear in the bottle.

Use & Care

  • The 10ml ink bottle holds approximately 15 refills for a standard international size cartridge converter (the equivalent of 15 conventional pens!) 
  • Store the bottle upright and close tightly to avoid any leaks. The inks are water-based and can be cleaned from most hard surfaces, but can still stain porous materials and fabrics. Use with care - especially on the first fill, as the bottles are filled close to the top. 
  • To load ink, first disassemble your pen, leaving the refillable cartridge converter installed and attached to the nib portion of the pen. Lower the pen nib into the inkwell and slowly fill cartridge with ink (either by squeezing until submerged and then letting go to draw the ink up, or by using the syringe, depending on your style of cartridge). Reassemble pen and write away! It may take a few moments for the ink to flow smoothly.
  • When switching between different colors, we recommend flushing the cartridge with water and allowing the clean cartridge to fully air dry, to avoid muddying the colors. Alternatively, you can have multiple cartridges that you rotate between, one for each color.

Size / Materials

10 ml.

The inkwells are packaged in recyclable glass bottles with a recyclable metal lid. J. Herbin uses all-natural dyes in their fountain pen inks. This natural composition is reflected in the very neutral pH of the inks.


Glass bottle with a metal lid.


J. Herbin is one of the oldest makers of pen inks in the world, dating back to 1700. Herbin inks are made in France, and the finishing touches on the bottles are still done by hand in Paris. 

End of Life

Bottle can be recycled or upcycled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sandy SEESTEDT (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Everything works so well!

This ink is so smooth and the plunge cartridge is fabulous. The color is impeccable, very saturated. If you buy this pen, ink, and cartridge you will be very happy.

Camille Larson (Summerville, SC, US)

Got sent the wrong thing and the team was very responsive and nice! Great product and very fast shipping! Thank you!