Sport Fountain Pen

A low-waste solution for all your writing needs! Dreamy and playful fountain pens make every task a treat instead of a chore.

Each pen is equipped with a medium-size, steel nib and is embossed with a silver 'Kaweco Sport' logo on the side.* Slide the cap on to the end of the pen for a comfortable writing length. One blue ink cartridge is included inside the pen. We sell refill ink cartridges in blue and black.


Use & Care

Each pen comes with one blue ink cartridge.

To unseal the cartridge, untwist the tip of the pen off, and press the cartridge in to puncture it, allowing the ink to flow.

Store firmly capped and tip down.

Replace the cartridge when it runs out. Write often to reduce drying; If this happens, lightly wet the tip by dipping it in water or on a wet paper towel. You shouldn’t experience a leak, but if it happens, contact us to get in touch with the company. 

Size / Materials

This refillable pen is made of metal and a durable plastic, and can be used again and again.

The ink cartridge included comes in a small plastic casing to prevent leakage, and is disposed when empty.  One cartridge lasts about as long as a typical pen but generates much less plastic waste than disposable pen alternatives. We also offer reusable cartridge converters and glass ink bottles to reduce waste even further. 


A recyclable metal tin.


Made in Germany by Kaweco, and sourced from a US distributor. Kaweco is a Germany-based company and one of the oldest and best pen manufacturers in the world. The SPORT series was invented in 1911 and was initially marketed for its slim and convenient profile to ladies, gentlemen in evening dress, and sportsmen— from whom the pen got its name.

End of Life

Made to last. Use this pen again and again with our fountain pen refill cartridges. Empty cartridge is disposed of in trash. Metal tin is recyclable or reusable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
kirstie (Seattle, WA, US)
love it!

love these pens - cute and practical! i appreciate that they do not bleed easily when writing, like other fountain pens I've used. i am using disposable pens a lot less with these as a swap, both at home and at work. i would definitely recommend them!

Betsy Mitchell (Bellevue, WA, US)
Never buy (or throw away) another pen!

This sport fountain pen is my new favorite (small) way to save the planet. It's awful to think of all the non-refillable ball point pens I have thrown away. But this Kaweco sport fountain pen, used with the mini sport converter and a bottle of ink, should last forever! On top of that, it's an elegant writing instrument that makes every writing experience special, no matter how mundane. The "sport" style makes it easy to carry the pen with me, and it even gets compliments for how cool it looks and writes.

David (Washington, DC, US)
Great pen

Updating from my original review. I was sent the pen without a cartridge in it. Customer Service responded almost immediately and sent me a box of replacement cartridges. I was very impressed with the service. Now that I have ink in the pen, I can say that this is a great pen. It writes much more smoothly than other fountain pens that I have used. I'm happy to not have to keep cycling through plastic pens whenever they run out. When I run out of cartridges I will probably buy the converter and ink bottle to reduce waste even more.

David (Washington, DC, US)

The pen did not come with an ink cartridge as advertised. I happen to have a pack of international standard cartridges but they do not fit. Will update review once I can actually use the pen.

Emilia (Seattle, WA, US)

I love this pen! It's super smooth and classic and elegant but convenient.