The Eco Collective Podcast


When it comes to zero waste, we're breaking up with the tiny trash jar aesthetic and redefining the sustainability movement. Genevieve and Marimar, the publicly chaotic co-founders of Eco Collective, share the juice on the zero waste lifestyle, running a business, our mental health and more in this after-hours podcast. Catch us skipping work to go thrifting, looking for the best bagels in Seattle, experimenting with our skincare routines, and hiring cool people to hang out with us.



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S1 Teaser:  Welcome to the Eco Collective Podcast‪!

Released Feb 23, 2021 

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S1 Ep 2: Pivot! Pivot! The end of an era, but not the end of our story

Released Mar 3, 2021

Our ~COVID~ story - how we managed to not only survive but thrive as a small business in the midst of a pandemic, and the rollercoaster of a year it has been for us. How and why we shifted from being a zero waste shop to a self care brand, and finally, the much anticipated and bittersweet “big news." We are excited to see where this next chapter takes us. 

Plus, an alarming zero waste swap that sent some of you to the emergency room.

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S1 Ep 3:  Out of office: Creating a healthy work culture as entrepreneurs

Released Mar 3, 2021

Our passion for mental health and self care are what fuels our work and our activism. Things get juicy as we explore how our work culture is influenced by past jobs. We talk about finding the right team, carving out time for fun breaks, taking mental health days, and the freedom we have found in running our own business.

We also share about one of our favorite zero waste stores, Refill Revolution, who is moving online, just like us.

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S1 Ep 4: Automatic reply: 404 page not found

Released Apr 21, 2021

Oh hey! It’s been a minute. We closed our store, our whole team moved to the warehouse, and we’re fully online now. What a tornado! We’re back in full force, serving up the juice, talking all things therapy and mental health, and giving a little behind the scenes to our craziest move yet.

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