Sunshine Oil - Vanilla & Sandalwood, limited edition fall scent

Sunshine Oil with vanilla and sandalwood to nourish your skin and hair. Made with deluxe organic oils to balance your natural oil production levels, clear breakouts and smooth complexion. Packed with vitamin E and rosehip oil to stimulate collagen production for smooth, clear, radiant skin. Adds shine to your hair and promotes scalp health and hair growth.

A warm and woodsy scent that features vanilla, light cream and a nutty undertone with a rich sandalwood and a slightly floral finish. Each ingredient is carefully selected to hydrate and smooth.


  • Meadowfoam seed oil helps to clear breakouts, smooth texture and reduce acne and oil production
  • Jojoba and castor oil boost the elasticity of your skin, plump, and moisturize for a smoothing effect
  • Rosehip oil offers a natural source of retinol 
  • Moringa oil reduces the appearance of dark circles and pigmentation
  • Vetiver for scalp health and hair growth
  • Vanilla and sandalwood sooth, tighten and encourage a smooth and even skin tone for soft and glowing skin

This blend is 100% organic and made in small batches right here in our kitchen.

For your skin - It's packed with superfoods such as vitamin E and oleic acid, which heal and repair your skin. Rosehip oils helps protect your skin from sun damage and environmental pollution. Soothing, healing, and hydrating for a natural glow.

For your hair - Jojoba conditions and replenishes your hair's natural oils, meadowfoam seals the hair follicle to avoid frizz and breakage, and castor oil restores and promotes hair growth for soft, healthy hair. Vanilla essential oil strengthens and encourages hair growth.

Use & Care

As a daily facial oil: Apply daily at the end of your skincare routine, morning and night. Warm between your hands and pat gently onto your skin to let it sink in. Follow with sunscreen.

In your hair: Run a couple drops of oil through your ends to add shine, tame frizz and hydrate your hair follicles. You can also apply as an oil hair mask once or twice a month on the roots for scalp health, hair growth and a deep conditioning effect.

As a body lotion: Apply all over for moisturized, glowing skin.


Organic meadowfoam seed oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic moringa oil, organic argan oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic squalane (olive-derived), organic neroli essential oil, organic sunflower oil, organic vanilla essential oil, organic sandalwood essential oil


2 oz.

Origin & Packaging

Made by Eco Collective in Seattle, Washington.

Ingredients bought in bulk to reduce waste and sourced from holistic and organic oil vendors around the US. Glass bottles made in Pennsylvania and printed locally in Kent, WA.

End of Life

Purchase a refill and reuse your dropper, or recycle responsibly :)

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