Alum Stone Crystal Deodorant & Aftershave

The crystal deodorant our customers are raving about! Made of mineral salt, the alum stone stops odor-producing bacteria from forming in the first place, making it a safe, simple, and effective natural deodorant. Use on clean skin in the morning. Each stone will last you several years! Each alum stone comes with an organic cotton travel pouch. Individual travel pouches available for purchase for your existing alum stone.

Use & Care

Gently wet the surface of your crystal deodorant and apply as you would deodorant.

The alum stone works best when your pores are clean and open, such as after a shower. You can also use a warm or soapy washcloth to cleanse your underarm, and then apply the crystal deodorant. Either works just fine! Cleansing your underarm first is the trick to what makes this so effective. You can read more about how to use alum stones on our blog. 

Like any natural deodorant, there can be a bit of an adjustment period as your body gets used to the alum stone. We suggest giving the detox phase a few weeks for it to work its best. We share our favorite tips for transitioning to natural deodorant (and our detoxifying 'pit mask' recipe!) on our blog.  

When used as an aftershave on the legs or face, it soothes nicks and cuts and helps prevent razor burn or skin irritation from shaving. 

Use the travel pouch to store your alum stone when not in use or while traveling.

Please note: It is a salt crystal that dissolves with moisture, so pat dry if needed and store in a dry place. We recommend using a soap dish or old jar lid as a tray for your alum stone, to protect your surfaces and countertops.

The crystal deodorant does not expire, nor is it temperature sensitive. With daily use, this stone should last over two years.

Warning: Discontinue use if irritation occurs and consult your doctor. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or breast feeding.


Classic Crystal Deodorant - Each alum stone is a unique mineral crystal with slight variations in shape and appearance. 

Imperfect Crystal deodorant - We inspect each stone from our manufacturer and have discounted some due to more noticeable imperfections. "Imperfect" alum stones are not broken, they are typically just slightly chipped around the edges, but work just as well! 


Potassium Alum (Mineral Salts).

Alum stones contain a naturally occurring form of aluminum (Potassium Alum) that does not possess the same health risks as the aluminums in many antiperspirant deodorants (Aluminum Chloride/Chlorohydrate/Zirconium), which block sweat ducts and glands. Potassium Alum is a different chemical compound and stays on the surface of your skin, making crystal deodorant safe to use.

Does not contain Parabens.

Size / Materials 

Alum stone weighs 150grams/5.3 oz.


Each alum stone comes with a compostable/recyclable paper tube printed with soy ink and an organic cotton draw sting travel pouch.

Individual organic cotton drawstring travel pouch are sold package free.


Made in France.

End of life

Each alum stone crystal deodorant will last up to 5 years. Once it becomes a small stone you can sand it down to a powder (it’s a very soft crystal), add water, put it in a spray bottle and use the rest as a liquid spray crystal deodorant - very zero waste!

Organic cotton drawstring bag can be textile recycled or repurposed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Aly (New York, NY, US)

I like that it is sustainable, durable and that it really works on me. Would be cool to have something like that in travel size. =)

Alicia Hawbecker (Willowbrook, IL, US)
This little thing is awesome!! Works great!

This thing is awesome! Way better than other natural deodorants. I learned about this in my Ayurveda program and found the nicely rounded one on this website. I apply it when my skin is clean with a little water, it dries pretty quick. I convinced my husband to try it and he loves it too! I don't smell with this one - not even after my spin class! It's crazy. Seems like it will last forever which is nice and no packaging!! Glad I found Eco Collective.

BC (Taylor, MI, US)
Awesome! Highly Recommend

I wish I would have learned about alum stones sooner. I have been using natural deodorant for the past few years and was most recently using native compostable deodorants. The native would work for me sometimes but if it was a very hot day or I was very active, it didn't work as well, and I would need to reapply throughout the day. I was very hesitant about the alum stone and wasn't sure if it would work. However, I have been using the alum stone for almost 2 weeks now and love this product! It works so well for me. I wash my armpits every morning and rub the alum stone over my armpits immediately after, and it works all day long and keeps me from getting smelly. I love the idea that I will have this stone for multiple years as well-super eco and financial friendly.
The stone also dries fairly quick which makes it easy to store. Personally, I wipe off the stone immediately after I use it and place it on a mason jar lid as recommended. For travel, I stuff the mason jar with a washcloth and screw the lid on upside down, so the stone is still sitting on the lid of the mason jar and the washcloth prevents the stone from rattling inside the jar.
Careful after shaving your armpits as I have learned the stone can sting a bit immediately after a shave.

Brian (Seattle, WA, US)
Better than regular deodorant

I was skeptical, but this product works better than my regular deodorant. I switched at the beginning of this year and am thrilled. Even after a physically grueling day, it’s been great. In addition, sweat has not been and issue and it worked right away (no detox period for me). Lastly, I’ve been using the stone for 4 months and I can’t see that it’s gotten any smaller - though I’m sure it has. I imaging this will last me three years! I highly recommend.

Lauren Santucci (Missoula, MT, US)
Works okay on days I don't do anything

I really wanted this to be as amazing as all the reviews say it is, but I'm not convinced. I honestly didn't notice much of a difference between using this stone and not wearing anything at all. I'm not a particularly smelly person, and I don't typically sweat much when not active. But if I don't use deodorant, there's definitely a subtle, natural sweat smell in my pits. Used this stone as directed for 6 days consecutively and every single day I felt sticky and stinky. My shirt underarms were sweaty and gross after one day of wear in my very sedentary office-work weekdays. With an all-natural stick deodorant, I usually get 2-3 days of wear out of my clothes. With this stone I am doing more laundry (not eco!) and feeling unclean (not cool!). I even tried adding a couple drops of tea tree oil to the water I use to wet the stone, to no avail. It's a beautiful stone but I don't feel it works for me.