Safety Razor


Safety razors look sleek and leave you silky smooth. The elegant design makes loading individual razor blades a breeze, and this product is made to last a lifetime. It's unisex, easy to travel with, and reusable. It'll also help save you money— a pack of 10 replacement blades are only $2.25!

Use & Care 

To insert a new blade, untwist the top of the razor head, gripping the sides to avoid touching the long sides of the blade. Separate the razor parts, and place the new blade between the two parts of the razor head, allowing the metal posts to keep it in place.

When shaving, start with the razor head flat against the skin, then position at a 30 degree angle, allowing the weight of the razor itself to guide you (no need to press down the head of the razor like you might with a disposable razor). 

For best results, use shaving soap. When you follow these tips, you'll have a cleaner, safer shave!


Aluminum + zinc alloy


Recyclable paper box.

Blades come wrapped in paper.


Manufactured in China through an environmentally conscious factory.

End of Life

The safety razor should last a lifetime if you take care of it properly.

Replacement blades can be sharpened with denim and eventually recycled.

We recommend collecting used blades in a closed metal container for safety since they are sharp and could be hazardous to you or anyone else handling them on their way to be recycled.

To recycle the blades, we have a few suggestions...

  1. An easy catch-all option is to ship them to Albatross Designs (PO Box 2254 Berkeley, CA 94702), a company that recycles used razor blades - just be sure to double-envelope them or ship the closed tin of blades so they don't cut through the envelope.

  2. You can also check with your local recycling collection service to ask if it's alright to put the closed container of blades directly in the recycling bin. Some are okay with it, and others aren't!

  3. Another option is to take your tin of blades directly to a nearby scrap metal recycler.

Remove labels and reuse or landfill.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
A.B. (Seattle, WA, US)
Pretty luxe

This razor took me some time to truly use with ease but the learning curve is worth it. It’s HEAVY in an expensive, luxurious way. This razor elevates what is usually a mundane self care product to a sophisticated delight to look and and use frequently. Worth the splurge.

Anonymous (New York, NY, US)

I wrote the 3-star review near New York, New York and wanted to edit it, but it wouldn't let me. So here is the updated review. It took me four times to be able to get the razor to work because it's all about the angle in which you shave. So there is a learning curve, but it's not that bad. I have to say it's fast, sharp, and great! Because it's double sided and a little bigger than some other razor heads you can shave way faster than normal (at least for me because I have short legs). You also have to keep in mind that because the handle is 100% metal, it can be tricky to hold sometimes, but for some reason if you rinse the soap/shaving cream off it becomes grippable again. Overall, it's a great, faster, long lasting product. I have absolutely no complaints and highly recommend.

Berkley Nisson (Salt Lake City, UT, US)

I am not someone who shaves super often but the time that I did shave (my legs) with my safety razor it was very impressive. It was the closest shave I’ve ever gotten and my hair was grown out a bit too. To be fair I haven’t tried it with thicker hair but I assume it would still work amazing! It’s super easy to clean and put together. It doesn’t get clogged with hair! It also looks super nice! The one thing I would say is just to go slow on your first try (especially bc the handle isn’t super grippy). I barely cut my knee twice on my first shave but it was very minor and I cut myself with new disposable razors almost every time bc I’m impatient. Overall, definitely worth the price and a superior option to disposables

M. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
For Life

I've had this razor for ~6 months now and the durability is evident. I love the environmentally conscious design, simply replace the single blade. One heads up, there is a learning curve with using a rigid razor, especially if you are used to using a swivel headed razor. Pro tip- sew yourself a repurposed fabric pouch to keep your razor in (cute and practical storage)!

Rose (Oakland, CA, US)
Amazing Razor - i will use it the rest of my life

This razor is the best razor I’ve ever used. It’s my first safety razor (instead of like a disposable razor or electric razor), and I love it soo much. It gives such a clean shave, and I only nicked myself a few times on the legs, tbh not too bad for the first time using it! The only thing I would change is the handle, if it had better grip/wasn’t so smooth I think it could make the razor overall better. I 100% recommended this razor though, and it’s a great small step to take in being more eco-friendly :)