Rose Glow facial toner

Rose Glow toner keeps your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day. Formulated with Lebanese rose water to soften and condition skin while balancing and toning your complexion. It naturally balances your pH, minimizes the appearance of pores, wards off breakouts and removes traces of dirt and oils missed during cleansing. Rich in rose distillate, organic aloe, and glycerin, it's soothing, moisturizing and cooling.

Apply under your moisturizer to add extra hydration. A quick spritz throughout the day leaves your skin refreshed and radiant.

Use it...

  • To clear breakouts
  • To remove makeup, dirt and oils
  • To rehydrate your skin after traveling
  • For an all-day glow

Experience the delicate scent of naturally distilled rose water.

Use & Care

In the morning: Spritz before you apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin and soothe any redness. Use it to prep your skin for serum, makeup or sunscreen.

During the day: Mist a little on your skin when you feel any dryness, redness or just want a pick-me-up.

At night: Use it after cleansing to remove residual dirt, makeup and oil from the day. Apply directly to the face or use a reusable cotton round or washcloth.


Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Rose Flower Water, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate.


4 oz.

Origin & Packaging

Made by Eco Collective in Seattle, Washington.

Ingredients bought in bulk to reduce waste and sourced from a holistic provider in Oregon. Glass bottles made in Pennsylvania and printed locally in Kent, WA.

End of Life

Purchase a refill and reuse your pump, or recycle the glass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Madison (Seattle, WA, US)
Perfect basic toner!

Nothing to complain about with this toner! Smells great, feels great, my skin loves it! Eco friendly, clean, cost effective! I'll keep purchasing this!!!

Alyssa (Seattle, WA, US)

This toner is so refreshing and light! I use it in the morning before I put sunscreen on, or in the afternoon as a refresher especially if I've been sweaty. Non-drying and leaves your face feeling clean and tightened!

Sammie (Seattle, WA, US)
Highly recommend

I bought the 10 fl oz rosewater spray bottle and it's now a staple in my skin routine - I love it! Feels so refreshing and I love that I can reuse the bottle again.

Hannah (Edmonds, WA, US)
Happy customer

I had been buying rose water previously and couldn't be happier to find this less expensive, bulk alternative with less plastic! It felt slightly more astringent than the product I had previously purchased the first few times I used it, but my dry sensitive skin hasn't reacted poorly to this and I no longer notice when applying. In my opinion I'm not sure why you would need something to apply it as in the instructions, I just spray directly onto my face and follow immediately with a drop of rosehip oil and then moisturizer.

Keep Selk (Seattle, WA, US)
Clear skin

I have never used facial toner before, but so far I've been very happy! Combined with Eco Collective's abyss facial bar and their jojoba oil, my skin has been very happy, and I have had minimal breakouts. When I do have a breakout, it clears up very quick!