Safety razor replacement blades - set of 10


Our replacement blades fit perfectly with our safety razor and are just a few cents per blade! The dual blade allows you to use both sides of the same blade, lasting at least twice as long as a disposable razor.

Use & Care

Fits our stainless steel safety razor.

To insert a new blade, untwist the top of the razor head, gripping the sides to avoid touching the long sides of the blade. Separate the razor parts, and place the new blade between the two parts of the razor head, allowing the metal posts to keep it in place.

When shaving, start with the razor head flat against the skin, then position at a 30 degree angle, allowing the weight of the razor itself to guide you (no need to press down the head of the razor like you might with a disposable razor). 

For best results, use shaving soap. When you follow these tips, you'll have a cleaner, safer shave!

Size / Materials

One pack includes 10 double-edged blades. 



Each blade is wrapped in paper, and the bundle is wrapped with a piece of paper washi tape.


Sourced from Premium Platinum blades.

End of Life

Recycle or compost the packaging. Blades can be sharpened with denim and eventually recycled.

We recommend collecting used blades in a closed metal container for safety since they are sharp and could be hazardous to you or anyone else handling them on their way to be recycled. Blades fit well in our 2 oz screw top tin, or you can use something you have at home.

To recycle, we have a few suggestions...

  1. An easy catch-all option is to ship them to Albatross Designs (PO Box 2254 Berkeley, CA 94702), a company that recycles used razor blades - just be sure to double-envelope them or ship the closed tin of blades so they don't cut through the envelope.

  2. You can also check with your local recycling collection service to ask if it's alright to put the closed container of blades directly in the recycling bin. Some are okay with it, and others aren't!

  3. Another option is to take your tin of blades directly to a nearby scrap metal recycler.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kaylynn Hoglin (Laramie, WY, US)
Great value!

These are great quality and very affordable.

Jeanette M Gruttadauria (Rochester, NY, US)
Good razor

The razor works well. The only thing I would change is the handle. I use it in the shower and it sometimes slips out of my hand. It would be great if the handle had some texture to grip onto.