Straw cleaning brush
Straw cleaning brush
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Straw cleaning brush

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Don't taste your last drink through your straw! Our straw cleaners will clean your stainless steel straw or clear out any debris so you can enjoy your current drink and not your last one. Keep one while on the go and in your kitchen for a clean straw where you are.
We're excited to now have entirely plastic free straw brushes! The bristles are made of a firm tampico plant fiber, twisted together with metal wire. 

Use and care

Wash with warm soapy water and let air dry.


Tampico (plant) fiber and metal wire.




Made in China by a small company with good workers' conditions. Their ISO certification is ISO 9001:2008, meaning they have appropriate and effective quality management systems in place and are constantly increasing efficiency. RoHS compliant, meaning they don't use specific hazardous materials banned by the EU. They have a third party inspection service, and are compliant with SGS.

End of life

Untwist the metal wire (pliers and/or wire clippers help) to remove the bristles. Compost the bristles and recycle the wire!