Bubble Buddy Soap Trays


Your sudsy BFF! Bubble Buddy comes in 5 shades to brighten up your countertop — all made from recycled plastic that would otherwise have ended up in the landfill. These soap dishes keep your soap bars elevated and dry to prolong their life, and it also doubles as a grater to give your solid soaps new life! 


Using the grater, you can turn any solid soap bar into flakes that easily dissolve in water, producing soapy liquid perfect for all your household needs from doing dishes to mopping the floor! This helps you replace your liquid household soaps with more sustainable bar soap options like our lemongrass dish soap bar or peppermint castile soap bar.

Overall, it's a win-win: the recycled plastic material keeps plastic from the landfill, while the grater keeps new plastic bottles from being produced!  

Use & Care

The platform inside the soap tray can lift out to be inserted one of two ways. Placed grate-down as a tray, the grate holes allow for drainage so your soap can dry between uses. Flipping the platform over reveals the grate, which you can use to grate your soap bar into flakes. The grated soap can be easily dissolved in water to create a sudsy liquid perfect for a variety of cleaning and personal care uses. 

Size / Materials

  • Soap Tray: 10.8 x 8 x 5.5 cm
  • Recommended size of soap bar is approximately 9 x 5.5 cm
  • Made from 98% recycled plastic and 2% color pigment. 


The packaging is printed on eco-friendly cardboard with eco-friendly ink. Packaging is designed by Rachel Sender. 


Bubble Buddy was designed by Foekje Fleur for GoodtoGive and part of the proceeds support Sea Shepherd. Sea Shepherd's mission is to protect all marine life species living in our oceans, and their campaigns have defended many marine species from unsustainable fishing, habitat destruction, and pollution. 

Foekje Fleur is a Dutch designer whose playful and lighthearted products are made to help draw people into learning more about environmental issues, animal rights, and plastic-free living. 

End of Life

This product is durably made and will last you a long time with proper care - we hope the Bubble Buddy can be your buddy for life! This product is made from recycled plastic and gives the world's existing plastic waste one last home before it hits the landfill. That being said, at the very end of its life, this product will go to the landfill, and so if you no longer have a use for it, we recommend considering other options first, like gifting or repurposing it before throwing it away. 

Customer Reviews

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Caroline (Seattle, WA, US)
Love my soap tray!

I'd been eyeing these for a while and finally decided to get one. Design is great; I keep it in shower with my face wash and shampoo bar on top and it doesn't collect much water underneath.