Lint brush
Lint brush
Lint brush

Lint brush

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These wooden lint brushes are beautifully designed to clean hair from your clothes or furniture.  From pet fur to dust, fuzz and dandruff, the natural rubber bristles collect the particles neatly at the edge. 

Reusable for years to come. You can say goodbye to peeling off endless lint roller papers every time you leave the house.

Use and care

Brush the rubber bristles over a particle-covered area of fabric. Depending on the fabric and particles, it may take a few swipes to fully clear the particles from the surface of the fabric.

Repair by bringing to a tailor if the bristles become unsewn. Oil wood as needed.


Oiled beechwood handle with natural rubber bristles sewn on by copper thread.


Made in Germany by Redecker.

End of life

This item is meant to be reusable for a long time, in place of lint brushes with disposable sheets. If the item is beyond repair, the handle and natural rubber bristles are compostable, and the copper threading is recyclable.

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