Refillable Ink Cartridges for Fountain Pens


Think of a reusable ink cartridge converter as your fountain pen's perfect life partner. Pop one of these into your pen, and they can stick together for life! For our colorful Kaweco Sport fountain pens, pair with a syringe-style converter for a perfect fit. 

Check out our blog post for full instructions on how to refill your fountain pen using our refillable ink cartridges!

Note: The refillable ink cartridge converter does not include ink. You can fill and refill the cartridge converter with our bottled fountain pen inks.

Use & Care 

    Reusable sport mini converter: Compatible with only the Sport fountain pens. 

    1. Disassemble your fountain pen, and remove existing cartridge, if necessary.
    2. Push converter into nib portion of pen.
    3. To fill with ink, first carefully compress the handle of the syringe to empty the cartridge of air. (Be extra careful if there's leftover ink already in the cartridge!)
    4. Dip the nib portion of the pen into your ink bottle, being sure to fully submerge the nib. Slowly pull up on the syringe handle, filling the cartridge with ink.
    5. Leaving the handle of the syringe raise, reassemble the pen and wipe the excess ink off on a cloth. 

    Size / Materials

    • Note: The refillable ink cartridge converter does not include ink. You can fill and refill the cartridge converter with our bottled fountain pen inks.
    • Mini syringe converter: small plastic cartridge with a metal cap and syringe.


    Paper envelope.


    Sourced from Kaweco, a high quality German company, through a US distributor.

    End of Life

    The syringe converters are made to last and be reused but at the end of life the metal can be pulled apart and recycled and the plastic will go to landfill.

    Customer Reviews

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    Anonymous (Kent, WA, US)
    Eco-Collective huh?

    Aor such a name as eco collective, they do sell a lot of trash, plus they don't tell you about the kind of packaging, the name of this company seems to be click-bait for environmentalists considering all the green-washing

    lol, check our products pages and navigate to our packaging tab or materials tab, you should find the packaging information there and please ask us if you don't see the information you're looking for. Just remember, there are a lot of personal interpretations of environmentalism, if you don't like ours, that's ok. We put a lot of time and energy into our 'trash' products, many of which come from small businesses who don't have all the resources to be completely zero waste, it's expensive and there are a lot of barriers to entry. But we're all out here trying our best and supporting each other with the resources we have available.