Sexual Wellness Bundle


The ultimate bedside bundle. Whether you are looking for a pleasurable moment before your start your day, or a workout with your partner at the end of the day, the "Sexual Wellness" bundle is here for you!

Included in the bundle:

1 Organic Shine Lubricant
1 Silicone Vibrator
1 Ultra Thin Natural Latex Condoms - Pack of 10

Everything you need to meet your needs. 

    Use & Care

    Organic Shine Lubricant
    Use shine organic personal lubricant as needed to supplement your natural moisture and enhance intimacy. To relieve personal dryness, apply a small amount to the area of the body you wish to lubricate. Reapply as desired. Easily washes away with warm water. Latex-friendly.

    *Can be used with devices.

    Silicone Vibrator
    The vibe includes a paper manual with full operating instructions.

    Designed with inclusivity in mind, this product keeps things simple with a single button that controls the on/off and the vibration settings.

    Getting Started: 

    Your vibe will arrive uncharged and in travel mode, to prevent accidental activation in transit. To turn off travel mode and activate the vibe, hold the button for 3 seconds and wait for two quick, high-speed vibrations accompanied by two flashes of light. Holding the button for another 3 seconds will turn travel mode back on. 

    We recommend charging for a full 2 hours before first use to ensure optimum power.


    It takes two hours for the vibe to fully charge. The light should turn on when your vibe is charging and turn off when complete. 

    The vibe runs on a lithium-ion battery, so there will be battery drainage over time. We recommend charging your vibe after every use for optimal life span. If the battery drains completely, the device will no longer work and cannot be charged. 


    Clean your device after every use. It’s a good idea to wash it before use, as well. Use a mild, unscented hand or dish soap and water or any silicone-friendly cleaner.

    Ultra Thin Natural Latex Condoms - Pack of 10
    Store at room temperature, and do not puncture, bite, or tear. Use only once.

    Latex condoms are an effective form of contraception. If used properly, latex condoms will help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV infection (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases, including chlamydia infections, genital herpes, genital warts, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, and syphilis.

    To put it on, take the condom out of the packaging and pinch the tip at the center between two fingers. Then, hold the condom at the tip of erect penis and roll the edges down the shaft until the condom is completely on.

    Size / Materials

    Silicone Vibrator
    Diameter: 39mm, Length: 124mm

    The vibe’s soft-touch exterior is made of 100% platinum-grade silicone (RoHs passed and FDA-grade) and is both phthalate-free and latex-free. Our vibe is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

    Ultra Thin Natural Latex Condoms - Pack of 10

    • Length is 7.09"/180mm
    • Width is 2.09"/53mm
    • Thickness is approximately 0.060 to 0.065mm (this is comparable to a standard condom thickness average of 0.065 to 0.070mm)
    • This condom is ultra thin, plain, parallel-sided, and smooth
    • Natural latex, cornstarch powder, silicone lubricant
    • Vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free, non-GMO, manufactured with Fair Trade Rubber, cruelty-free, and free of harmful chemicals including nitrosamine and spermicide.


    Organic Shine Lubricant
    Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Propanediol, Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Gluconolactone, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chenopodium Quinoa Seed Extract, Cannabis Sativa Seed Extract, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed) Seed Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Extract, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid. 

    Manufactured in the USA in a FDA & GMP approved and regulated facility.



    Silicone Vibrator
    Comes with a natural canvas travel pouch perfect for storing the vibe and other essentials
    . Included in the canvas pouch is the vibe, a paper instruction manual, and a charging cord. For your safety, the vibe itself is packaged in plastic. Unnecessary plastic packaging is minimized.  

    Organic Shine Lubricant
    Heads up, this lube is packaged in plastic! For your safety, lube cannot be packaged in glass (seriously, the FDA says so). Luckily, Maude's lube gives us sooo many other reasons to love it. Packaged with an easy-to-use press top cap and discreet amber plastic packaging, the lubricant is latex-friendly and safe to use with both condoms and vibrators.

    Ultra Thin Natural Latex Condoms - Pack of 10
    Resealable plastic bag containing individually wrapped condoms in plastic buttercup packaging. 

    Yes, condoms do come with some packaging waste, but we want to encourage you to practice safe sex regardless, without chemicals that are harmful to your health and the environment. Preventing unplanned pregnancy is one of the most impactful things you can do for the environment, and we think that's pretty sexy.

    Maude is actively working with their manufacturing partner to produce a biodegradable pouch option for the outer packaging. Keep an eye out for future updates! 


    Organic Shine Lubricant
    Is shine organic vegan?
    Both of our lubricants are gluten-free, sugar-free, hormone-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free, and contain non-GMO and vegan-friendly ingredients.

    What is the pH value of shine organic?
    The pH of our lubricant is 4.0–5.0 (and the pH of a typical vagina ranges from 3.5–4.5). Our lubricant uses very minimal trace amounts of preservatives and citric acid as a pH balancer, well within the lines of the FDA guidelines. It is important to us that we make sure our product is as safe as possible.

    What materials are shine's bottles made of?
    The 8 oz. and 2 oz. bottles of shine organic and shine silicone are made from FDA-approved PET plastic, with a plastic pump top for easy-to-use and mess-free dispensing for the 8 oz. bottles. The 8 oz. silicone shine and both 2 oz. bottles come with a plastic screw-on top.

    Silicone Vibrator
    Can I use the vibe with lubricant? 
    We recommend using the vibe with maude shine organic lubricant or any other water-based lubricant of your choice. Do not use with silicone or oil-based lubricants as they will degrade the silicone.

    Is the vibe waterproofThe vibe is water-resistant and can be used in the shower and bath. The vibe should not be fully submerged.


    Sourced from Maude, a woman-owned, Latina-owned American company built on quality, simplicity, and inclusivity. Made in the USA and not tested on animals. They work closely with familiar factories, to produce body-safe products that are easy-to-use and embody thoughtful design, transparent education, and accessible pricing.

    End of Life 

    Organic Shine Lubricant
    The organic aloe-based lubricant has a two-year shelf life. Each bottle has a recommended use-by date printed on it. The bottle is made of Type 1 PETE plastic, which is recyclable in most municipalities.

    Silicone Vibrator
    Lifespan & Warranty
    Our vibe is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The expected lifespan of the vibe is dependent on frequency of use. For example, if you are using the vibe for 15 minutes daily, its expected lifespan is one year. The vibe has a one year warranty available here.

    Maintenance & Charging
    It is important to charge your vibe regularly to maintain battery life. We recommend charging your vibe after every use for optimal life span. To charge, plug your charging cable into a USB wall adapter, computer or power accessory. When the light is on, it's charging. And when it's off, it's ready to go. Charging time: 1.5–2 hours. It can not be charged in travel mode.

    Recycling... kinda
    Because the vibe is made of 100% silicone, it is technically recyclable as e-waste! However, most recycling facilities don't accept used intimacy tools. That's why our first recommendation is proper care of your vibe, so you can enjoy it for its full lifespan.

    When it is finally time to say goodbye, we recommend Lovehoney, a program in the UK that lets you mail in used toys, which they will help disassemble and appropriately recycle.

    Ultra Thin Natural Latex Condoms - Pack of 10
    This product and its packaging are disposable. While condoms do come with some waste, preventing unplanned pregnancy is one of the most impactful things you can do for the environment.

    Maude is actively working with their manufacturing partner to produce a biodegradable pouch option for the outer packaging. Stay tuned for updates.

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