Organic Castor Oil Hair Treatment

Castor oil is popular as a deep conditioning hair oil and is thought to promote strong and healthy hair. We've even seen it used as a growth serum for hair, brows, lashes! When used as a pre-shampoo scalp treatment, the ricinoleic acid helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which can promote healthier hair and hair growth. It's ultra hydrating for all hair types.

Personally, we love it as an oil hair mask that doubles as a moisturizing and strengthening treatment. It can also be used between washes to protect the ends of the hair. Apply overnight or once daily and the rich oil works as a sealant, protecting hair from heat and preventing moisture loss or color fade.

* Please note this product will soon be archived from the shop. If you'd like to try a new hair treatment, we recommend a protein hair mask to strengthen and repair hair.  You can read more about why we’re making these changes and stock up on other old favorites here.

Use & Care 

Please note this oil has a thicker texture and is more viscous than other carrier oils like argan oil or jojoba oil. You can mix with other oils to dilute, or use on its own. If you do a mask or scalp treatment, consider following it with a clarifying shampoo (washing one or two times, as needed).

Fine to medium straight hair: use as a deep pre-wash conditioning treatment to protect the ends of hair, applying to bottom 2-3 inches of hair shaft.

Medium to thick straight/ wavy hair: Apply through hair from scalp to tip for an intense pre-shampoo treatment. Add heat or steam for deeper penetration into hair cuticle.

Wavy to loose curls: Mix a few drops into your conditioner during hot and humid summer months.

Curly to tightly coiled: Apply castor oil as a moisturizing treatment as needed.

We recommend storing your oil in a light-proof bottle the provided aluminum bottle or an amber glass bottle with a dropper lid, like this one to protect it. Castor oil can cause stains, so be mindful of the towels you use when doing the treatment. We recommend a patch test first for potential allergies and skin reactions.


Ricinus communis (Organic Castor) Seed Oil.

Size / Materials

  • 2 fl. oz. aluminum bottle with screw cap
  • 6 fl. oz. aluminum bottle with screw cap


Distributed from Portland, Oregon by Essential Wholesale, a local vendor that is dedicated to sustainability and crafting natural personal care products.

Custom filled to order in Seattle, WA by Eco Collective.

Customer Reviews

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Hiroshi O.
Great for Dry Skin

I bought this to use with the amber bottle with the serum pump, but unlike the grapeseed oil, it doesn't work so much with the castor oil because it's thicker. Unlike the grapeseed oil with its strong scent, castor oil has a netural scent and takes a bit longer to penetrate. I use the castor oil on my body and specifically on the dry ends of my hair in the front and back. The aluminum bottle it comes in can be reused as a good on-the-go or travel-size plastic-free way to take small amounts of liquid items. I would recommend using this type of oil without a pump to dispense because in my experience the oil is too thick and clogs up the pump. It's a plus that this oil is organic too.