Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are one of the top ten items found during beach cleanups.  In fact, every plastic toothbrush ever made still exists today. These bamboo toothbrushes are such an easy switch!  With their easy-grip handles and durable bristles, they're as useful as they are pretty. 

Use & Care

Apply toothpaste to bamboo toothbrush and brush teeth for two minutes.

Size / Materials

Bamboo handle with nylon bristles.


Comes in a compostable paper box and a compostable bioplastic sleeve.


Sustainably harvested from organic, wild bamboo. Vegan, BPA-free, and certified non-toxic. USDA Certified Bio-Based Product and Green America Certified Business.

End of Life

At the end of its life, these bamboo toothbrushes can be reused as a cleaning brush or a makeup tool like a brow brush. The handle can be composted, and the bristles are the most advanced bio-based option available, but they're still not biodegradable (pig hair is the only alternative, and it's highly controversial), but they can be recycled anywhere that recycles nylon. To separate, pluck bristles out with pliers, or break the head off to dispose of separately. Read more about composting your bamboo toothbrush on our blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Shannan (San Francisco, CA, US)
Classic Toothbrush, but Sustainable!

I mean, can you really go wrong? This toothbrush is perfect for just about anyone, seriously. They last a month or two and they are almost fully compostable, what's no to love? <3

Cecilia (Seattle, WA, US)
Gentle, sustainable. Would recommend!

I generally prefer a medium bristle but couldn't find one (anywhere I looked) -- this works just as well, though! Adult size. Happy to be replacing my plastic toothbrushes. Would recommend!

Madeleine (Greenville, SC, US)
GREAT toothbrush

I really love the handle of the toothbrush. It feels very stable in my hand. The bristles are nice and soft, but they don't fall apart in my mouth. It also gets my teeth really clean.

Jacqueline (Bellingham, WA, US)
A bit too firm

Toothbrush looks great and the handle feels good, however the bristles are pretty hard! I’d say they are more firm than my old plastic toothbrush which was labeled “medium”. Unfortunately, this brush does hurt my gums quite a bit. Also, I wish there was a different color option to avoid confusion with other members of the household. My husband’s has a charming piece of blue painters tape on his.

Madisynn (Seattle, WA, US)
Would recommend!

Everything I need in a toothbrush. I wish the bristles could be compostable, but it's still great to have a fully compostable bamboo handle. It feels nice in my hand, and I think that these toothbrushes actually last longer than "regular" plastic ones (at least, I haven't noticed the bristles starting to wear down yet like a plastic toothbrush's bristles would by this time. When do you REALLY need to replace a bamboo toothbrush, anyway?)