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We are delivering your favorite bulk goods and zero waste products right to your doorstep!

We are now offering local delivery for the city of Seattle. There's a minimum order of $25 and a $7.99 delivery fee. We are so excited to offer this service to our local community and find new ways to support you in keeping your households healthy, clean, and Earth-friendly.

Starting Wednesday, March 25th at 8:30AM, you'll be able to order any of our bulk staples for local delivery, plus some new additions from our Bulk Bar like argan oilmicellar water and leave-in conditioner! We'll be adding more by the day.

Just go to the Bulk tab on our homepage and add any of the bulk items in their preset quantities to your cart. They'll arrive in regular mason jars that you can wash, dry, and return to us when we reopen our doors, and we'll put them back in the rotation, sanitizing them between uses! Zero waste.

We know items like hand soap and multisurface cleaning spray will go quickly, so get your order in early! Shop bulk goods.

Learn more about delivery.

Parties are cancelled but we're still here for you!

Bulk Bar reveal and COVID-19 update:

Our Bulk Bar is all dressed up and ready for the party, buuut...

It turns out, parties aren’t allowed for awhile! So, we’re rolling with the punches... Here’s what is (and isn’t) happening around Eco Collective this month.

Eco Collective Bulk Bar

We are no longer having a Bulk Bar reveal party this Saturday, but we will reopen as soon as possible.

We have to postpone our Bulk Bar reveal party, and we have made the difficult decision to keep our store closed a little longer. Ideally we will reopen at least for partial hours or in-store pickup before the end of the month. We'll keep you posted!

Most of us in Seattle and around the US are staying home as much as possible and practicing caution to keep others safe and healthy. We want to be here to serve you in whatever ways we can during this complicated time, so we're thinking on our feet and planning new ways to be here for you, near and far. So in the meantime…

We are offering local delivery in Seattle starting next week! And yes, that includes bulk!

You guys have been incredibly supportive by ordering online during our closure. Starting this Monday, March 23rd, we are offering local delivery of bulk items and regular orders right to your doorstep!

That’s right, for a limited time we'll be able to drop off bulk goods like soaps, household cleaning supplies and personal care essentials while you hunker down at home! Stay tuned for more information and our new bulk menu.

Marley's Monsters

We are keeping our staff and our community safe.

The great thing about our new Bulk Bar is that we are now fully equipped with a commercial sink and counter, a dishwasher, and all the cleaning supplies we need to keep our store sanitized and squeaky clean. We are looking out for our staff by letting them keep the same hours working from home or helping ship out orders.

In place of our party, we’ll be revealing some of our exciting new bulk goods and taking you behind-the-scenes.

For everyone working from home this week, we thought it would be fun to show some behind-the-scenes footage of our team designing the Bulk Bar and show you what we're up to now (and what it's like to run a retail store at a time like this). Plus, we'll be revealing some of our exciting new bulk items! Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our Youtube channel for some laughs, honesty, inspiration and tales of our remodel.

How you can support us right now

We are so grateful for such a dedicated community and for how many people have reached out to us during a time when a lot of businesses are being affected. Here's a few ways you can support Eco Collective right now.

Flourish Botanicals soap


Stock up on hygiene and personal care items so you can hunker down at home.

We are so grateful to be able to support our community with hygiene items, hand soap, dish washing essentials, reusable cleaning supplies (don't forget to wash laundry on hot during this health crisis!), and so much more.

We even have an immunity boosting (vegan) herbal broth that really hits the spot.

Shop our whole collection here.

Dish brush

What our new Bulk Bar is all about:

We are building a brand new Bulk Bar, because we love you!

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our bulk section since we opened our new location in August. It's been a dream to keep up with our regulars, and serve up your bulk wishes. Thanks to you, we've officially outgrown our bulk table!

We are thrilled to announce that we'll be granting more wishes with our new Bulk Bar! We'll refill your beauty products, personal care items, household and cleaning supplies and more. 

Here's a little sneak peek of the design:

bulk bar sneak peek

It has always been our dream to offer a greater selection of refillable bulk goods for health and home. As zero wasters ourselves, one of our favorite weekend activities is stocking up at our favorite bulk stores around town.

We've gathered inspiration over months of research to hand select hard-to-find bulk goods for bath, beauty and home. We have an array of new items picked out that are guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Follow along for updates... Bulk Bar Grand Reveal date coming soon!

Check out our Bulk Bar page for store updates and sneak peeks of the bulk bar.