*Limited Edition* Open dated planner

Could you imagine planning your days, weeks, months, year?! But like you actually do it... but like actually... The only thing needed is, well, the perfect planner. Thank you to the organizational angels for creating this playful limited edition planner!

Visualize your months as a whole with monthly pages (with the weekends visually separated to reduce confusion), and start your weeks off right with the "weekly intention" line. Get into the nitty gritty with weekly spreads where you can write your specific tasks and goals, with extra space for notes.

Each planner also has 10 extra note spreads in the back, and a bookmark to help you keep your spot and use as a straightedge to customize the dot grid sections.

These are screen printed on recycled paper in small batches right here in the USA. The wife-and-husband team that makes them works in Michigan and sources their paper from a local Michigan hydropower paper mill.

Not only is it made of sustainable materials, but since it's open dated, you can save paper by picking up where you left off even if you skipped using it for weeks, months, or years. We've all been there, right?

PS - These are limited edition! We only have one batch so when they're gone, they're gone.

Use and care

Open dated - this means you can start using it whenever you want, skip a week and don't waste paper. All you need to do is open it up fill in the blanks with dates - it's a fun process!

If you choose - fill in the circles with the full and new moons to keep an eye on the cycles of nature.


8.5" wide x 8.5" tall, about half an inch thick.

12 month spreads

52 week spreads

10 spreads of plain dot grid in the back


Screen printed cover on 120# recycled kraft card stock.

Inner Paper: Recycled, White, Thick Text-weight.

Bound with recyclable metal wire.


Comes with an informational slip of paper.


Designed, printed and assembled by Worthwhile Paper with love in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Worthwhile Paper is a family operated business by a wife-and-husband team. They pride themselves on using water-based screen printing inks and recycled white and kraft paper stocks from French Paper Company, a Michigan paper mill that operates on 100% hydropower.

Additionally, they like to use their resources wisely - ganging up cards on larger sized sheets to save energy and materials, using leftover ink from other jobs to make new inks, using leftover scrap paper to make their promotional materials, re-using cardboard boxes from the shop's shipments, etc.

End of life

Use this planner until it's full - even if it takes longer than a year! When you're done with it, you can separate the wire binding from the paper and recycle all parts.

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Andrea Burton (Kennewick, WA, US)

I loved the vitamin gummies and soaps I purchased. I especially loved that everything was delivered to me with zero plastics. I will be purchasing from here again!