Refillable Highlighter


This refillable highlighter is the coolest low-waste alternative to standard disposable highlighters - for when you want your writing to really pop. We love our art and journaling supplies around here, and this new yellow highlighter is perfect for research, note taking, or making a compelling to do list. Such an exciting addition to our fountain pen family.

The transparent pen body lets you see how much ink is left in the cartridge, so you know exactly when it's time to refill. The compact size makes it easy to toss into your purse or pocket, and the cap can slide easily onto the end of the pen to extend it to a comfortable writing length. 

The pen comes equipped with a broad 1.9mm steel calligraphy nib and a silver Kaweco Sport logo embossed on the side. One neon yellow highlighter ink cartridge is included inside the pen and six replacement cartridges. Durably crafted in Germany, ordered from a US distributor.

Highlighter ink cartridges are also sold separately. 

Each pack contains six standard international size ink cartridges to fit Kaweco fountain pens.

While international cartridges are a versatile and widely compatible option for fountain pens, please be sure to check the requirements of your specific pen before purchasing. 

Use & Care

Each pen comes with one highlighter ink cartridge. To use, twist the tip of the pen from the body and firmly press the cartridge into the base of the tip, breaking the cartridge's seal and allowing ink to flow. Store firmly capped and tip down. Replace the cartridge when it runs out. Write often to reduce drying; If this happens, lightly wet the tip by dipping it in water or on a wet paper towel. You may find our blog post on refilling fountain pens helpful. You shouldn’t experience a leak, but if it happens, contact us to get in touch with the company. 

You can take your fountain pen on a plane, but fly with it either empty (storing ink cartridge separately) or completely full (with no room for the air to expand with pressure). It also helps to store it with the nib pointed upwards. 

Please note: Fountain pen ink may bleed when used underneath this highlighter pen, depending on the type of ink. We recommend testing the highlighter first (and make sure to wait until the ink's completely dry before highlighting!) We've experienced minimal bleeding when used with Kaweco ink cartridges. For best results, use with pencil, ballpoint ink, or printed ink. Can be used with water-based and gel inks, if the ink is first allowed to dry.

Size / Materials

This refillable pen is made of metal and durable plastic and can be used again and again.

The ink cartridge included comes in a small plastic casing to prevent leakage and is disposed of when empty. 

 One cartridge lasts about as long as a typical highlighter but generates much less plastic waste than disposable pen alternatives. 


Each highlighter comes in a recyclable metal tin with a complementary yellow highlighter ink cartridge included inside the pen and six ink cartridges. 

Highlighter cartridges are packaged in a recyclable paper box. 


Made in Germany by Kaweco and sourced from a US distributor. Kaweco is a German-based company and one of the oldest pen manufacturers in the world. The SPORT series was invented in 1911 and was initially marketed for its slim and convenient profile to ladies, gentlemen in evening dress, and sportsmen— from whom the pen got its name.

End of Life

Made to last. Use this pen again and again with Kaweco highlighter ink cartridges

Customer Reviews

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A.S. (Bellevue, WA, US)
SUCH a cool product

I love this highlighter! It's a nice, bright classic highlighter yellow, and the ink goes on smoothly and doesn't smudge any inks I've tried it with. It also doesn't bleed through on any of the papers I've tried - including on paperback books! It's easy to travel with and I love the look of the transparent body - such a great addition to my pen collection and I get so many compliments on it.