Organic cane sugar hair removal wax


Our all-organic and plastic-free hair removal wax is back in stock!

Time to break out your ultra high waisted string bikini and serve your sascrotch an eviction notice. We know you're a confident person, and who cares if you have luscious locks, but sometimes you don't want the focus to be on your unwanted hair.

No way you can make it to the salon or even get an appointment on such short notice and you'd rather spend your money on anything other than hair removal services. Take matters into your own hands: our all natural, biodegradable organic sugar wax hair will leave your skin utterly smooth and hairless for 2-6 weeks.

Unlike skin irritating synthetic waxes, Sugar Be Free cane sugar wax only adheres to the hair follicles and dry skin cells, never live skin cells. 

Locally handmade by Eco Collective’s very own co-founder, Marimar, this compostable sugar wax packaged in a cute reusable jar is a truly zero waste product!

Use and care


  1. Clean the hair removal area using warm water, non-scented soap and exfoliate. Allow area to dry completely before sugar waxing.
  2. For best results, hair should be the length of a grain of rice. If the hair is longer, trim to the desirable length and if the hair is too short, the hair will not effectively stick to the sugar wax.
  3. Remove lid and heat the sugar wax in a microwave for ten seconds or until the sugar is malleable.
  4. NOTE: In the summer the sugar wax may already be at a temperature that allows it to be malleable. If you are in warm weather (65 degrees or more), you do not need to microwave the sugar wax.
  5. NOTE: If you are in a warmer temperature, the sugar wax may already be at a temperature that allows it to be malleable. You may be able to skip microwaving the wax, just check to see if the wax is malleable. If the wax feels like it is melting onto your hands, stick the wax in the fridge for 10-30 minutes. Remember, the sugar wax does not have to be hot to work, just malleable!
  6. Using a butter knife, wooden tongue depressor or your hands, apply the wax with pressure in the direction of hair growth until the wax is 1/4" thick.
  7. Patch test the wax on a small area of your skin. See below in our "Best Practices" section regarding histamine reactions.
  8. If you're using waxing strips (strip method), press the strip onto the wax in a back and forth motion with pressure so it adheres.
  9. Pull the skin slightly above the hair removal area and pull the wax in the option direction of hair growth in a quick smooth motion.
  10. If you are not using waxing strips (ball method), reuse the sugar wax 3-4 times.
  11. To avoid ingrown hairs, do not wax the same area more than once.
  12. Remove stray hairs with tweezers and clean the area with non-scented soap and warm water and exfoliate the area. Continue to exfoliate the area in the shower.

Best Practices:

  • Exfoliate the hair removal area to remove dead skin so the sugar wax adheres better to the hair.
  • Using baby powder or flour on the hair removal area will help the sugar wax adhere to the hair and remove the moisture on the skin.
  • By using a butter knife or wooden tongue depressor to apply the sugar wax onto the unwanted hair. Using an applicator is more desirable than your hands because the warmth of your hands can melt the sugar wax and make it harder to handle.
  • Your skin may experience a histamine reaction after waxing. You may experience small bumps on your skin which is your body's natural response to a perceived allergen. The small bumps will subside over the next 24 hours but you can take an antihistamine to help reduce the bumps. Consult your doctor before consuming any medication. 
  • Avoid lotions, exposure to sunlight and synthetic fabric underwear for 24 hours after sugar waxing.
  • Continue to exfoliate the area in the shower to avoid ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can occur when dead skin cells block the pore and prevent the hair from surfacing.
  • Store the sugar wax in a cool, dry area.


Organic lemon juice, organic cane sugar, distilled water.

Ingredients are Fair Trade, certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, palm oil free, and processed in a solar and wind powered facility. Sugar wax is 100% compostable.

Size / Materials 

6 fl. oz.


Reusable and recyclable jar.


Sugar Be Free organic sugar wax is made in locally made in Ballard, Seattle, in small batches by Eco Collective’s very own co-founder, Marimar. Sugar Be Free is woman and Latina owned and operated.

End of life

The sugar wax itself is biodegradable and compostable, since it is all natural!

Wash and reuse the jar. If need be, recycle your jar.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Molly (Saint Paul, MN, US)
Did not work

I am admittedly a novice to sugar waxing, but I attempted multiple times using this wax. I tried heating up the wax, cooling down the wax, different techniques, and had no success. (Only a sticky mess). Then i tried making my own wax and found it to be easy, much cheaper, and it actually worked! Not sure if I just got a bad batch or what, but was very disappointed, especially for the price.

Moji (Seattle, WA, US)

I love this sugar wax. So simple and easy to use.

n.k. (Seattle, WA, US)
Sticky mess

Tried several times without success. Unable to remove the wax without just getting in the shower and after still had sticky residue. I was not able to actually remove any hair.

Kelly Carpenter (Seattle, WA, US)
Fab product & customer support

I shied away from sugaring at home in the past due to the concern of a) getting right sugar consistency and b) perfecting technique. During quarantine I reconsidered due to salon closure and have had fantastic results! I've had such success with bikini (salon sugared for years) that I also did armpits (never salon sugared or waxed before). I wish I would have tried this years ago to save ca$h! Buying the product eliminated my concern of perfecting the sugar wax recipe/consistency. And more importantly, Marimar (Ecocollective co-owner) walked me through all the specific techniques I needed for success as a sugaring novice. The product quality & customer support are both unbeatable—definitely will be a repeat buyer & have already recommended to all the friends that will listen!

Jennifer Rea (Seattle, WA, US)
LOVE this sugar wax!

I have been seeing a professional to get sugared for years and I opted to go back to the solo routine with spas closed during COVID. I absolutely loved this sugar - simple to use, great instructions and any excess washes off your skin very easily. I was surprised at the minimal pain and have extremely sensitive skin which reacted very well to the ingredients. Highly recommend trying this out and giving some love to the amazing lady bosses who run Eco Collective!