Northwest Local Foods Wheel

Learn what's in season where you live!

Once you know what to pick up at your local farmer's market and grocer, you'll get the freshest, healthiest produce. This poster inspires many a meal. From winter squash to huckleberries and chanterelle mushrooms, you can proudly support Northwest farms and foraging.

The wheel shows foods sourced from Oregon, Washington, and Idaho as well as from coastal waters. Some of the unique local foods available in the region include an abundance of wild and cultivated berries and unique seafood items like geoduck! 

Bonus: it's a woman-owned company and they crafted the wheels in collaboration with farmers, ranchers, foragers, fishermen, and local foods experts.

Please note this product will soon be archived from the shop. We loved introducing you to it, and you can continue to find it (and food wheels for other regions!) directly from Local Foods Wheel.


It comes in a beautiful paper sleeve that can be reused as scrap paper or recycled.


The wheels are printed at a local printer with soy based ink. The small batch designs make for a low carbon footprint. Woman-owned company!

End of Life

The wheel and the paper sleeve can be recycled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joseph Bieselin (Redmond, WA, US)
Awesome food graphic

I've always tried to write out on paper what's in season and when. This wheel makes it so much easier and is much more comprehensive when I can't simply go to a farmers market. It's also very pretty and has me noticing many other fruits and vegetables that I didn't even know were local to the PNW. I've only had this for about a month but would never want to live anywhere without it.

The back of it also has loads of extra information about seasonality and when things are commercially available if the front doesn't have everything you need.

Mine is pinned up very simply with a thumbtack in drywall in my kitchen.

DonaM (Renton, WA, US)
This is something unique

I always wanted to know what was in season monthly and this is the guide! I have it on the same hook as the wall calendar and can refer to it when shopping and planning the garden!