Organic plant-based candles
Organic plant-based candles
Organic plant-based candles
Organic plant-based candles
Organic plant-based candles
Organic plant-based candles

Organic plant-based candles

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We wish we could let you smell these luxurious candles from where you are!

They're organic, handcrafted, plant based candles with beautiful all natural scents are made from coconut wax and infused with high quality essential oils grown in the US - no synthetic fragrances!

Note - the candles are 8.5 oz in whiskey glasses, except for the Crema Bucca and Biscotti which are 16 oz in stemless wine glasses (picitured) 

Use and care

Trim the wick to about 1/8" before lighting. For the first burn, keep the candle lit for about 4 hours, or until the melted wax reaches the edge of the glass. Burn this way from time to time as you use your candle, in order to prevent tunneling - this will help create a uniform burn and reduce wasted wax around the edges of the glass 


8.5 oz 45+ hour burn time

16oz 80+ hour burn time.


Aria: Floral Fruit - A sweet and herbal notes of refreshing eucalyptus, a shimmer of bergamot and juicy sweet tangerine falling into beautifully fragrant ylang ylang, fresh mint and lavender, finishing it off with warm patchouli and calming cedar wood.

Crema BuccaSpicy Creamy - A creamy and spicy notes of licorice vanilla with star anise, and a luxuriant touch of cinnamon, falling into clove spice, finishing if off with a sprinkling of sugary rich vanilla bean.

SanamFloral Fruit - A gorgeous note of sweet tropical pomegranate, with a twist of juicy lemon, falling into a pool of delicate rose and jasmine petals, finishing it off with smooth dry musk.

FrescoCitrus Herbal - A sparkling citrus, herbal and spicy notes of fresh squeezed Persian lime, and earthy bergamot falling into lively cilantro, and heavenly sweet basil, finishing it off with deep black pepper and dry sage.

Biscotti: Spicy Woody - A savory and spicy notes of pure vanilla, with a touch of cinnamon, falling into a rich nutmeg, finishing it off with heliotrope and tonka bean.

BoscoFloral Fruit - A spicy, inviting and woody notes of earthy pine and Douglas fir, falling into sweet sage, finishing it off with sparkling white grapefruit and fresh mint.


Made with Sustainable Products:

  • Organic Coconut Wax blend
  • 100% Organic, Certified Essential Oils
  • 100% Certified Unbleached Cotton Wick
  • Reusable Stemless Wine Glass
  • Proudly Hand Crafted in California, USA
  • Vegan

Free of: 

  • Petroleum 
  • Harmful Synthetic Fragrances
  • Colorants
  • Animal By-Products
  • GMO


Recyclable tree-free paper printed with soy ink. 


Made by Sanari, a woman-led company in California, with coconut wax and high quality essential oils grown in the US. Each purchase gives back to Breast Cancer Research.

End of life

Burn the candle all the way down and wash and reuse the glass - a classic whiskey glass (or stemless wine glass if you got the Crema Bucca or Biscotti option)! If there's any remaining wax, you can melt it down to re-pour into a new candle, or compost it.