Wooden dish brush + replacement head


These wooden dish brushes have removable, compostable brush heads. These are perfect for cleaning jars, glasses, plates, pots and pans, they've got a perfect medium scrubbing power - not so rough that they'll scratch anything, but strong enough to really get at most kitchen messes!

You can reduce waste by reusing the brush handle again and again with the replacement heads.

If you're looking for extra scrubbing power, like for pots and pans, check out our handheld pot scrubber.

Please note this product will soon be archived from the shop. You can continue to use our brush handles with any Redecker brush head. We'll be replacing this product with another version shortly. You can sign up for the waitlist to be notified. You can read more about why we’re making these changes and stock up on other old favorites here.

Use & Care 

For best results, let dry when not in use by hanging from the metal hook at end of handle or storing in a jar with bristles upright. Avoid any long soaks.

The bristles will soften over time but retain their scrubbing power, and you can replace the head when it starts to wear out. Boil to sterilize when needed. 

The brush head will naturally loosen from the wires over time with use, so it starts off very tight - it's normal for brand new brush heads to not come off easily. When you are ready to remove the brush head to compost it, we recommend pushing the metal loop down towards the handle to loosen the grip of the wires. 

Size / Materials 

  • Wooden beechwood handle with metal hook and attachment pieces.
  • The bristles are made from Tampico fiber, a plant-based material sourced from agave and yucca.




Designed in Seattle. Made in China by a small company with good workers' conditions. Their ISO certification is ISO 9001:2008, meaning they have appropriate and effective quality management systems in place and are constantly increasing efficiency. RoHS compliant, meaning they don't use specific hazardous materials banned by the EU. They have a third party inspection service, and are compliant with SGS.

End of Life

When the brush heads begins to wear, we like to retire them for cleaning around the house.

Compost the brush head when necessary, and find the replacement brush head here. Reuse the wooden handle. If necessary, all parts of the handle are either compostable (wood) or recyclable (metal).

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeremy (Chicago, IL, US)

I thought this brush would be flimsy. I was wrong! The bristles are strong, it drains well! It’s actually tough on pan residue. I’m pleasantly impressed! Thank you EC!

rusty ridenour
Bad design

The bristles on this brush are to soft, doing anything they collapse easily The handles they fall apart after about 3 months

Sarah I (Edmonds, WA, US)

Great brush!

Georgie (Tivoli, NY, US)
awesome sponge replacement!

This dish brush is effective and I love that the handle lets me keep my hands out of the hot water/soap (very helpful for sensitive skin/eczema!) I will say after a few uses I started to see cracks in the wood of the brush head but it seems to have little effect besides making the bristles slightly more flexible. It pairs super well with the handheld pot scrubber and I'm loving these additions to my eco-friendlier kitchen!

Julia Jaynes (Seattle, WA, US)
Good at scrubbing but Handle is wobbly

I’ve had this brush for about 3 months now, using it daily. Bristles haven’t worn down much and it’s in good condition overall. The handle however sucks! Within about a month and half of using it, the brush head was getting wobbly as the metal part that holds the brush head was pulling out of the handle. Then just last week the metal part of the handle which hold the brush head in place just totally fell out of the handle (see pic). I was able to shove it back in and give it a few bangs, but it’s still very wobbly. I really thought the handle would last for hopefully years, not months. Pretty disappointed. The brush head itself is very good though.