Stasher sandwich bags

Say goodbye to single-use plastic baggies, it's time for a switch-up! These durable and reusable silicone bags stand the test of time, and are microwave safe, dishwasher safe, sous vide ready, oven strong, and fridge and freezer friendly. Perfect for use in the kitchen, or to keep compact in your bag or pocket, just in case you need to take some leftovers home!

They're kind of like disposable baggies, but nontoxic, more versatile, and you only have to buy them once. Cool, right?

The sandwich size is perfect for...

  • healthy-sized sandwich

  • travel toiletries with TSA visibility

  • cosmetics

  • leftovers

  • cookies and crackers

  • nuts and snacks

  • fruits and veggies

Use & Care 

Dishwasher safe - just don't flip the bag inside out, it can compromise the bag's sealed edges.

Safe for use in the microwave, with a sous vide machine, a standard oven, or a pot of boiling water — up to 400F.

TSA-approved for flying with carry-on liquids. The clear window on every Stasher bag offers a view of contents, making them appropriate to pass airport security with travel-size liquids.

Because Stasher doesn't use any toxic sealants, the silicone can sometimes stain with certain foods. To remove stains, make a baking soda paste with vinegar or water, apply to discolored container, let sit for at least 20–30 mins, then rinse and wash the bag like normal, or leave the bag in the sun for a natural stain remover.


  • 7.5 x 7.5 x 1 in.
  • Capacity: 15 fl. oz. 
  • Tare weight: 2.61 oz. / .16 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Evita (Dallas, TX, US)
Fun and reliable

Like your best friend, these bags are fun and reliable. They come in so many colors, I love seeing them in my Tupperware drawer. Trust me, these bags will become your best friend next time you’re on the go or just have something you need to keep safe for later.

Heidi Sadri (San Francisco, CA, US)
Wonderful in every way!

I love these and want every size. The seal is 100% safe. You could fill one with olive oil, stick it in your bag, and wouldn’t have to worry about it leaking a bit. I also love how easy they are to wash in the dishwasher and then air dry.

Joey (Seattle, WA, US)
Perfect for travel

I travel for business at least once a month and I love these to stash snacks, dirty reusable utensils, and necessities on the plane and during my trip. For flights, I pack one with my earbuds, phone charger, antibac wipes, lip balm, and eyedrops and stick it in the seatpocket so everything stays clean and I'm not digging thru my bag during the flight. They get extra points for being dishwasher safe.