Empowering Women

Have you heard of the pink tax?  Women spend, on average, $1,351 more in costs and fees for basic hygiene items than men.  Not because the ingredients are different.  Not because they work differently.    A study from Consumer Reports in 2010 found that products marketed for women cost up to 50% more than similar, sometimes identical products for men.

Take pain killers for example.  Excedrin Complete Menstrual cost 50 cents more than Excedrin Extra Strength, despite both medicines having the same ingredients in the same quantities.

An article from Groundswell illustrated the pink tax perfectly: "A study from the University of Central Florida found similar information. Women’s deodorants were priced 30 cents higher than men’s, with scent being the only discernible difference. When manufacturers were asked for the reasoning, nearly all companies claimed that it was more expensive to manufacture products for women... One spokesperson for two antiperspirants with the exact same percentages of the exact same ingredients for men and women claimed: “They are completely different formulations.”

In a Consumer Affairs study done in New York, they found these price discrepancies in everything from dry cleaning to children's toys.  Yes, we said dry cleaning.  In 2009, a woman who co-founded a Manhattan research firm took her and her husband's nearly identical Brooks Brother's oxford dress shirts to be laundered.  When she picked them up, she noticed that her husband's - much larger - shirt cost $7 to be cleaned, whereas hers cost $8.75.  When she inquired as to the price difference, they informed her that her 'more delicate' shirt had to be dry cleaned, whereas her husband's could be put through their machine.  You can read more in the Groundswell article, but if you're like us, you're ready to stop paying the pink tax and be a part of the movement towards true equality.

Here are a few of our products that don't have a pink tax.  They are functional, long lasting, and they will simplify your life and save you money.  All we ask is that you tell your friends who identify as female and join the fight to stop unfair pricing discrepancies.

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