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Welcome to our online bulk section! Here we'll help you reduce your single-use plastic packaging for a variety of personal care, household and wellness products.

Custom filled to order at our warehouse in Seattle, WA
We custom fill each order to reduce waste - you can order just the amount you need, and we don't have too much extra sitting on the shelves waiting to be sold.

Lightweight, reusable, recyclable and compostable packaging
We opt for lightweight aluminum bottles for liquids and compostable bags for dry goods whenever possible, in order to reduce shipping emissions! Our aluminum bottles are BPA-free, made in the USA, and are infinitely recyclable with optional reusable specialty caps, which you can use again & again with refill bottles. As always, our products are shipped carbon-neutral and plastic-free.

Local to Seattle? Check out our closed-loop Bulk Bar, or shop for store pickup here!
At our Ballard storefront, we fill these bulk products in reusable glass mason jars, which can be returned for a $2 refund, and we'll use them again and again! It's a zero waste, closed loop system. 

62 products

62 products