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All of our Bulk Bar items are now available for store pickup and shipping!

When ordering bulk goods for store pickup,
you have the option to select a glass mason jar (which we will take back, sanitize and put back in the rotation). Each jar has a refundable $2 deposit. You can now return clean, dry jars at our store during pickup hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 11am-2pm.

Store pickup: 11am - 2pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
Pickups are contact-free, for your and our safety. Learn more here.

When ordering bulk goods for shipping
Unless otherwise noted, dry goods will arrive in a compostable bag. Liquids will arrive in an aluminum bottle (with an aluminum cap, spray or pump top of your choice).
Aluminum is infinitely recyclable and will go from your bin back to the shelf within 60 days of recycling! We hope to someday offer a take back program for these, but are excited to offer a highly recyclable way for you to order bulk goods even if you don't have a bulk section available in your area!

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