Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

A perfect pairing for your Kaweco fountain pen!

For quick and easy refills, use these pre-filled cartridges. Each ink refill lasts about as long as a conventional pen, but generates a lot less waste when you're done! We love them for their ease of use, and recommend them particularly for folks just dipping their toes into the fountain pen universe. (Ready to dive right in? Try a reusable cartridge converter and glass inkwell to reduce waste even further!)

Each pack contains 6 standard international size ink cartridges to fit our Kaweco fountain pens. While international cartridges are a versatile and widely compatible option for fountain pens, please be sure to check the requirements of your pen before purchasing. 

Use & Care 

To load into your Kaweco fountain pen, press firmly to puncture, allowing ink to flow.

To refill, throw empty ink cartridge into trash, and insert a fresh ink cartridge. 

Size / Materials

The pre-filled ink cartridges have a small plastic casing to prevent leakage. 


Pre-filled cartidges

Recyclable paper box.


Sourced from Kaweco, a high quality German company, through a US distributor.

End of Life

The pre-filled cartridge should last about as long as a typical pen. When the ink is used up, the cartridge is disposable and sent to landfill. However, this pack of 6 replacement ink cartridges prevents about 6 disposable pens from being sent to landfill, meaning a lot less plastic waste!

Customer Reviews

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Emilia (Seattle, WA, US)
So genius

So happy that I can keep my pen forever and ever with this converter.