A zero waste gift guide

This year, I'm torn between sharing these beautiful zero waste gift alternatives and acknowledging that a lot of us are having a hard year financially and the holidays are maybe not so merry or bright this year. My hope is that we value family above all else, both chosen and blood, and that we can find moments of peace and joy amidst the hardships that this year has brought.

If you are exchanging gifts this holiday, maybe we can all take a cue to simplify! Maybe we try a new tradition of exchanging consumables - homemade vanilla, small batch hot sauce, local wine, etc... Another fun way to go is Secret Santa so every one just has one person to shop for, yet every one gets a fun surprise! We love doing this with twists like "only thrifted items" or "under $25." However you're celebrating, we do want to share some of our favorite giftable items for zero wasters in case you're on the hunt.

For the Wellness Enthusiast  

    Gifts for the wellness enthusiast. You know the one! Always finding a new skin serum or crystal roller and reminding you to hydrate. We have some beautiful gifts that are full of good energy to delight, inspire and nourish their soul....

    • Adaptogenic drink blends for beauty, mood and mind - powdered blends of botanicals and mushrooms for stress relief, daily energy and glowing skin.
    • Lotion bar - these smell like lavender and peppermint
    • Alum stone - this crystal is a deodorant, aftershave, antiseptic and boasts toning properties for the skin. We wrote a blog all about how crystal deodorant works here.
    • Loofah sponge - these beauties are all natural and great for exfoliating and doing lymphatic drainage. Use them in the shower with a bit of body wash or Castile soap for a spa moment.
    • Protein hair mask - a must for any hair care lovers, and especially for curls! Read about how and why they work for reducing frizz and giving your hair volume and shine here. Super sweet gift for your bestie or some one who's into beauty, wellness and self care.
    • Rosewater toner - a dreamy and refreshing rosewater mist for skincare. There's a super cute "overheard in New York" story about a girl who gets out of a Lyft and the friend she's meeting says "you look amazing!" and she says "thanks! The girl in my ride share french braided my hair, sprayed me with rosewater and told me I'm a queen!" Let's channel that energy for self care in 2021 : ) 
    • Plant based candles in stemless glasses - this is such a cute one. Not only are the scents wonderful and warm and perfect for morning meditation, once the candle is all used up, the glasses can be reused as wine or whiskey glasses! Totally zero waste.

    For the Foodie:

    For the foodie in your life, the budding chef, the one whose kitchen you miss, who's always whipping up the best eats. We picked some items to delight and inspire the food lover. From kitchen tools to recipe books and other zero waste goodies, here's what came to mind:

    • A book on matcha - the ancient roots of the tea, what makes it such a superfood, and recipes, from lattes and pestos to baked goods 
    • Wax food wraps - Bee's Wrap is always one of our most popular holiday gifts, but now we have a plant based version too! These are great for keeping bread, cheese, avocados and other produce fresh and crisp.
    • Seasonal food wheel - we love this chart to hang in the kitchen and inspire meals and grocery lists based around what's in season. Super cute illustrations, too. Spin the wheel to see what's fresh in the PNW each month!
    • Coconut bowls cookbook - we love a good bowl. From nourishing buddha bowls to hearty main courses, this collection of vegan recipes is perfect for any food lover, and especially some one who's interested in going more plant based.
    • Stasher bags - a classic. These silicone baggies can be used for meal prep, bulk foods, snacks on the go, or even reheating leftovers. You can freeze, bake, microwave, sous vide, and put them in the dishwasher.
    • Set of funnels - these are great for any one who loves to cook, bake, or make infusions. We also have a funnel that fits on a mason jar for sourdough lovers!
    • Swedish dish cloths - I love giving these because they're so versatile for cleaning and they come in the cutest prints. I love the herbs and the cacti.
    • Spice blends and a tiny wooden spoon - spice up their cooking with these herbal seasoning blends. The wooden spoon is great for spices, salt dishes, or DIY projects.

    For the Artist:

    This year has given so many of us space to create new things and shake the dust off old passions. If you have a friend who's been tapping into their creative side lately, we have the perfect gifts in mind. From recycled paper sketchbooks and the prettiest washi tape to fountain pen friendly journals and DIY accessories galore.

    • Cotton bandana - these are beautifully illustrated with the Yuba River, mugwort plants and kitkit dizzi, in honor of the treasured environments and land trusts in California that the proceeds help to restore, maintain and care for.
    • Recycled paper sketchbooks - the blank pages are ready to be filled with ideas, dreams, paintings, sketches or collages. They can draw and create to their hearts' content. We have a whole collection of notebooks if they're more the writing or journaling type as well.
    • Fountain pen with ink well - this is a classy and sophisticated gift or any artist, writer or creative in your life. Each one is long lasting, and comes with a cartridge so all you have to do is refill and keep on writing.
    • Washi tape - our fun, colorful washi tapes are 100% compostable. Great for gift wrapping, journaling & scrap booking, art projects, school or office supplies or anything else you need to tape.
    • Inquire Within Deck - pull a card to find today's mantra or meditation. This beautiful deck is illustrated by hand and offers wisdom, gratitude and self care reminders for turning inward. This is definitely a year for reflection, and this might be my favorite item in our 2020 gift guide.

    Thank you for reading, for shopping small, and we hope some of these ideas inspire you. Wishing you light and love this holiday. 

    - The Eco Collective team