What is zero waste living?

So glad you asked! Zero waste living is the process of cutting plastic and single-use products out of your life and seeking high quality, sustainable, conscious alternatives. Instead of taking the plastic silverware that comes with takeout, you might buy a durable, reusable set you can bring with you on-the-go. Instead of buying new, you might borrow an item you'll only need to use once. Other times, you might creatively repurpose something you already have. You might even give up a certain luxury that doesn't have a greener alternative, in favor of simplicity. 
Zero waste living is all about finding ways to reduce waste in your everyday life and encouraging other people and businesses to do the same. The best part of a zero waste lifestyle is the simplicity you find along the way. No longer will you be burdened by useless items and constant clutter. Everything in your life will serve a purpose because it is carefully chosen, by you, to produce the most use and joy.

Six Principles to zero waste living:



Reuse: Is this a single-use product, object, or service? Or can I reuse it without creating waste?  Can I reuse something I already have instead of buying new?

Reduce: Do I need more than one? Are all my things bringing me joy and use? Can I live without it?

Recycle: Don’t just toss it in the trash! Find out if you can recycle it, donate it or repurpose it.

Refuse: Just say no! You don’t have to take everything that is handed to you. 

Repurpose: Have an old t-shirt too threadbare to donate? Give it another life as a cleaning rag or handkerchief. Everything can be repurposed if you're creative and willing.

Repair: Don’t be so quick to throw something away just because it’s not working or looks worn. Look for repair libraries in your area or watch one of the thousands of youtube videos for DIY repairs.


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