Ring in the New Year, sustainably!

It's that beautiful time of year where every one is setting New Year's intentions and there are holiday parties galore. And this time, we're ringing in a whole new decade! Here’s a few of our top tips for a decade party full of memories - not disposables - that will last forever.

1. BYO cup!

Metal tumblers or wide mouth bottles are great lightweight options to carry with you. If you’re the host, use a washable marker or a grease pen to label guests’ glasses for the night to avoid mixups! There are also lots of cute mason jars with little chalk boards painted on so you can fill in a name.

Label your cups at a party

2. Get snacks and appetizers in bulk

Check out PCC or your local natural foods store for a great bulk foods selection of pretzels, chocolate, chips and candies. If you can’t find what you want in bulk, stick to things like homemade guacamole, fruits and fruit spreads and other things you can make without any plastic packaging. To supplement, you can look for canned goods (beans, etc.), breads wrapped in paper or things like olives or dried fruits in glass jars to lessen the impact of the packaging. You can sometimes even buy fresh tortilla chips from your local Mexican restaurant to take home for a party!

Better yet, go potluck style and ask every one to make a dish to share.

3. Do a little party planning ahead of time so you can avoid waste.

Having a lot of people over? Fill up your ice trays and transfer them to bowls to stock up so you won’t need to buy any in plastic bags. Label your compost and recycling bins so guest know where to put things. Have a little laundry basket for cloth napkins or unpaper towels you’ll use during the party. These little things you do ahead of time will go a long way the night of the party.

4. Use real plates, napkins and silverware.

Speaking of cloth napkins, use real plates, silverware and napkins when you can. If you’re have too many people over to imagine doing the dishes, consider asking a friend or two to help or try renting dishes from somewhere with a built in cleaning service like Durable Dishes. (She’s our favorite for Eco Collective events!)

5. Skip the sparkles.

Avoid things like fireworks, sparklers and paper lanterns that make so much waste for just a couple seconds of enjoyment. We are reminded that most things that are glittery or sparkly are made with some kind of plastic. Build a bonfire or light some candles instead! If you really want some sparkle, look for a biodegradable glitter or go for plant based confetti. How cute is the idea of using a paper punch and some brightly colored leaves to make a natural confetti?! You can find things like this premade on Etsy, too.

eco friendly plant based confetti

6. Get creative with all natural decorations!

Instead of 2020 themed garlands, party plates, hats, etc that you might never use again, make some 2020 shaped cookies or other snacks. Make festive floral arrangements to brighten your space or use branches or greenery from outside. Natural decorations are always way more Instagram worthy, anyway! 😉

 Zero waste new years

Check out our Pinterest board for more zero waste New Years inspo. Have a wonderful happy new year and tell us how you’re ringing in the new decade sustainably!