Our holiday 2019 gift guide, personalized for everyone on your list

This year, our gift guide is centered around experiences, personal and unique sustainable books and tools, and useful products that make reducing waste fun. We put together gift ideas for the foodie, the DIYer, the traveler, the wellness enthusiast, and the list goes on! We have so many new items in the shop to surprise and delight.

Check out these curated gift guides to help you find the perfect zero waste gifts for the special people in your life.

For the traveler

Give the gift of mindful travel with the Away & Aware book that inspires the jet setter to disconnect from their phone and email and reconnect with themselves and their destination. We love this book paired with the Do Something Dice, a playful and unique gift that sparks adventure and spontaneity. Essentially, you roll the dice to see what you should discover next - a wonderful new restaurant, a charming local theatre, head to the beach, and so much more.

Away & aware travel bundle

Any traveler would appreciate one of our reusable silicone Stasher bags! The sandwich size is ideal for travel toiletries because it's see through and TSA-approved. Plus, they're a super convenient way to get zero waste food on-the-go without carrying around a bulky container or glass jar.

Our chic ceramic travel tumbler is perfect for someone on-the-go. Pair it with a matching Stasher bag for a super cute gift set.

Find more practical and mindful gifts for the explorer in your life in our gift guide for the traveler.

stasher bag

For the foodie

From cookbooks to spice blends, we've got so many options for the food lover in your life. Enjoying experiences together and reducing food waste are both core to the zero waste lifestyle, and so many of our products are built to inspire sustainable eating habits.

By far our favorite gift for the foodie is the DIY hot sauce kit. It holds all the tools, recipes, and spice blends to create distinct and flavorful hot sauce varieties of your own! We love this one because all of our boyfriends are obsessed with hot sauce.

hot sauce

Another fun gift for the foodie in your life is our Vegan Bowls cookbook and coconut bowl set. Written by over 100 vegan recipe developers, this book is a treasure trove of healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Each portion fits perfectly into a coconut bowl.

coconut bowl

Find more food themed ideas like our ceramic microwaveable lunch containers, herbal seasoning blends (a crowd pleaser!) and a seasonal foods chart in our gift guide for the foodie.

For the coffee and tea lover

We have lots of giftable items that cater to the coffee or tea lover too!

For the person who loves to brew the perfect cup of coffee at home, our Brew Book is full of tips and intel on how to perfect their technique. It's an excellent pairing with our organic cotton coffee filters that are reusable and designed to achieve the purest taste of coffee.

Brew book

Our new ceramic tumbler is a stylish solution that prevents daily disposables for coffee and tea drinkers too - it comes in three shades: blush, mint and charcoal! 

For the tea enthusiast, our Matcha Lifestyle book unpacks what exactly makes matcha such a nourishing superfood for your body, brain and skin. Plus it has yummy recipes like matcha pancakes and matcha white chocolate bark with pistachios. Dreamy! This book would be a super cute gift paired with our matcha whisk.

Matcha book & whisk

For the DIYer

Sustainable DIY projects are how a lot of us got into zero waste in the first place. We like to think that staying inspired and learning new things is one of the best ways to keep your journey to zero waste unfolding.

We have a few favorite gifts for the DIYer. The first is a book about home infusions. Infuse: Oil, Spirit, Water is filled with fresh and easy ways to add bold flavor to everyday dishes. The reader will discover tips, techniques, and mouthwatering recipes for infusing oils, vinegars, alcohol and more - like a spicy chili oil added to grilled pizza Bianca or a hot toddy spiked with peach bourbon. 

Infuse provides instructions, quick tips and practical inspiration for busy home cooks. Take a look at the preview pages, and you'll be wanting to get into infusions yourself. We also carry a mason jar tap as well, for pouring infusions and converting ordinary canning jars into easy pour for oils, vinegars, or even soaps.

Mason jar tap infusion

The next gift we chose for the DIYer is the Shake cocktail set.

Shake is a unique cocktail book that expresses a straightforward, seasonal approach to drinks and entertaining. It inspires readers to take the enjoyment of delicious craft cocktails into their own hands.

The mason shaker barware set includes a mason shaker, a wooden muddler and a jigger, everything necessary to start crafting delicious cocktails. It’s the perfect companion for at-home bartenders. Together as a bundle, these products make a fun and easy at-home kit for craft cocktails!

Shake barware set

Another amazing gift for the one who loves to DIY is the Plant-Based Beauty book. It's an essential guide to detoxing your beauty routine, and it holds so many plant based skincare secrets like natural ingredients that are nourishing, toning and give you that coveted glow.

It holds so many recipes for masks, face oils, and other skin treatments plus advice on how to care for your skin from the inside out with fresh foods and wellness tonics.

Pair it with a couple of DIY bottles and a refillable essential oil roller for a cute holiday gift!

Plant based beauty

For the outdoor explorer

For someone who loves to go camping, skiing, hiking or backpacking, we put together a list of items that are compact and trail friendly.

First, we have two utensil sets depending on the type of activity they love. The bamboo utensil set has a little of everything and is great to keep in a car camping kit or use for day hiking. Our foldable metal spork is an awesome tool for someone who's backpacking or looking to save space. Next up, our stasher bags are lightweight, slim, and super cool because you can boil them right in the pot to heat up your dehydrated food or premade camp meals. Pro tip: Check out Fernweh food co-op for bulk backpacking foods!

Outdoors lover gift guide

Our reusable cotton mesh bags are great for organizing camping tools or cookware, bringing snacks on the go, or packing clothes. Plus, you can throw a wet swimsuit or towel in them and hang it off your pack to dry. People are always buying our two tier metal tiffins for camping and light hikes because they can hold a meal for two or even three, and they keep things separate so they can stay fresh or reheat separately.

We have an all natural bug repellant balm that comes in a compact metal tin that's great for the outdoors lover. We love our reef safe sunscreen as a gift for the active friend because it's water resistant and comes in an Earth-friendly compostable tube.

For the wellness enthusiast

The Inquire Within meditation card deck is a gorgeous gift centered around wellbeing. Each card is designed by hand and sustainably printed. Pull one card, or a few, each day to inspire wellness, mindfulness, gratitude and an open mind.

Inquire Within mindfulness card deck

For the wellness enthusiast, we paired our adaptogen blends with these daily affirmation candles and it couldn't be more perfect. The candles are made with soy wax and have embedded crystals to infuse the room with good vibes. The adaptogen blends are great to put in smoothies, juices or coffee and help reduce stress, restore your health and support you in balance, focus and beauty. Check out all our candle and adaptogen pairings to learn more.

Wellness candles and adaptogen blends

Peruse the full wellness gift collection for more gift ideas!

For the host or hostess

Our spherical ice molds make a stunning and creative gift for any one who loves to host a good party. They're perfect for slowly diluting a stiff cocktail or just decorating a festive drink! They come in a tray of 4 with a sophisticated marble pattern and because they're made of silicone, they're nontoxic, durable and fully recyclable.

These mouthwatering spice blends make a great hostess gift! They are so tasty that they have a bit of a cult following. Purple Rain is great for pastas, bagels, and rice dishes. Kanye Pepper takes popcorn to the next level. Forever Green is has an Italian flair and is great in soups.

herbal seasoning blends

Swedish dishcloths are another cute hostess gift - they're simple, super absorbent and come in all kinds of cute prints. Check out the whole host/hostess collection here.

Gift guides galore

We even compiled some gift ideas for the friend who's new to zero waste (like a set of wool dryer balls or our new coconut fiber bottle brush!) or the one who's super hard to please. We hope these gift guides inspire personal and memorable gifts for all your friends and family. If you still can't decide, we offer digital Eco Collective gift cards. Plus, check out our collection of stocking stuffers to see small gifts like lip tints, loofahs, lotion bars, breath mints and nail polishes.

Our approach to holiday gifting is to choose fun, useful gifts that inspire an experience, and to keep things simple. Explore all our holiday gift guides to find the perfect sustainable gift for that special someone. Share how you're staying zero waste this holiday in the comments below!