Zero waste halloween ideas

Halloween looks a little different since the world is extra spooky right now. Whether you or your kids are dressing up at home or having a trick or treat with your covid bubble, I thought I'd share my favorite ideas for a zero waste halloween!


I had a super cute idea for clean candy to pass out if you're doing a smaller celebration this year! Our good news gummies are vegan, non-GMO and sugar free but they taste just like regular candy. The best part is they come sealed in a compostable packet so it's super safe. It's perfect for kids and honestly really fun for adults too :)

If you are sending your kids out trick-or-treating, consider giving them a regular basket or bucket you have around their house or a reusable bag that's part of their outfit. No need for a new basket every year, or the disposable bags.

Another thing you can do is hand out candy that comes in recyclable boxes or compostable wrappers. Even candy in foil could be more easily recycled than plastic. If you do end up with lots of plastic wrappers, you might consider getting a Ridwell box! They can recycle so many common household waste items, and they're a great local company. 

Clean candy ideas for halloween


There are so many fun zero waste costumes you could DIY! One of my favorite parts of Halloween is to go to Goodwill and browse for ideas. I'm never all that creative, but I love seeing my friends thrift their outfits for parties every year. One of my friends found a vintage outfit that was perfect for re-creating Sally from Practical Magic. Another did a perfect imitation of Margo and Richie from the Royal Tenenbaums (nothing I love more than Wes Anderson movies!), all using thrifted items. Especially in the weeks leading up to Halloween, thrift stores are like a massive costume trunk!

Speaking of, I bet I could create an outfit or two from my grandmother's costume trunk she kept for us as kids... I guarantee there's an apron and chef's hat or evening gown that would still fit me. Inspiration for next year! But seriously, shop your grandparent's closet, or your parents' even. You can do a lot with makeup and a few simple accessories. Making your own costume is a great conversation starter too.

If you have your heart set on a very specific costume and you can't find the right pieces to DIY it, try buying used! There are so many on Poshmark and Offerup.

Halloween at Eco Collective

Halloween at our first store on Ballard Ave. We had so much fun seeing the parade of little kiddos! I'm wearing my husband's dress shirt, but admittedly I bought the Audrey Hepburne eye mask and ear plugs new. Now I wear them on airplanes!


9 times out of 10, decorative pumpkins end up in the landfill after being used as decorations. Even pumpkins can't magically decompose without oxygen. 😉 Here in Seattle, yard waste will accept your tired squash and pumpkins, but with a little planning, your decorations could be totally edible. When you're done dressing up the front porch, bring them inside and get to baking! You can make pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread or cupcakes, pumpkin soup, the list is endless. Same goes for squash. You could even make baking a tradition of your pumpkin carving parties. Why not? I did this in college and by the time we were done carving, we had a fresh pie coming out of the oven. Just make sure you get the kind of pumpkin that are edible! LOL.

Many of us have been letting go of old traditions this year and making new ones however we please. Maybe instead of trick or treating, you could get together with a small group of friends or family and get creative with your sweet treats too. Try dipping caramel apples or making vegan cupcakes and decorating them Halloween style. Who knows, it could be a fun new tradition you decide to keep! Plus, if you or your kids have dietary restrictions or preferences like being low-sugar, gluten free or plant based, a crafty at-home celebration makes staying healthy super easy.

Stay safe, friends and happy halloween!