DIY Bath Bomb recipe for a cozy self care moment

Wow, okay. So, 2021 is off to a wild and tumultuous start, and if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we need to continue to prioritize self-care through all our ups and downs. This last week at the Eco Collective store, we’ve been having a lot of conversations around what we do to take care of ourselves at home. Eventually, we landed on the topic of bath bombs, where I chimed in that we should make some for our team! You can make them with a fairly short list of ingredients, most of which we had in the Bulk Bar. So Rachel, Athena, and I set off to make hand crafted bath bombs and shower steamers for a moment of fun and self care at home.

We found a lovely recipe from Byrdie that we modified for our own needs! We ended up making three scents, as each of us wanted a different thing. To make these sweet self-love treats, you will need the following (ingredients with an * can be found at Eco Collective!):

Start by combining all of your dry ingredients into a bowl. If you'd like to make one batch with multiple scents, you'll want to separate the mixture into small bowls, as many as scents you'd like. We decided to make 3 different scents, one for each of us. Combine the water, moisturizing oil and essential oils in a separate bowl, and then slowly start adding the wet ingredients to your dry mix(es). Once your mixture is the consistency of a dry paste (think kinetic sand), you can start adding it to your molds. We decided to use a silicone ice cube mold (love to repurpose!!), and it worked swimmingly. Before we added our mixture, we also added some botanical flowers to the bottom so they would pop. 

Choosing scents and adding decoration

Once the mixture was the right consistency, we added rosebuds to the bottom of our container. Then, we proceeded to fill up the mold, pausing every so often to pack down the mixture as we added more. We left them in the mold for a bit until they seemed to harden, and then popped them out to dry for 24 hours. The timing will differ based on the moisture content of your bath bombs, but that's how we got the cute flower layer on top! Once dry, they are ready to place in your bath or shower and enjoy the refreshment.

I went for lavender and lemongrass for my essential oils because I wanted something refreshing, but relaxing for an end of the day soak. I added lavender buds to the tops of all mine for an added restful effect. Rachel chose spicy orange for her scent. She used a combination of sweet orange and frankincense essential oils to achieve a fiery and sweet bath experience. Then she topped them off with calendula flowers, for added beauty and function. Fun fact, calendula is an excellent ingredient for a more moisturizing bath. Finally, Athena went for eucalyptus and rosebuds for an awakening scent for her morning showers. A great tip is that even if you’re not a bath taker, these also act as shower steamers to give your shower routine a bit of spa luxury for cheap!

Some other ideas we floated around for scents were lemongrass and peppermint for a bold awakening spirit. If you were looking for something less sweet and wanted a more savory aroma, we would also suggest clove or eucalyptus and rosemary. The fun is in the customization.

However you decide to take care of yourself this year, know that all of us here at the Eco Collective are with you and sending you good vibes for 2021!