Black-owned low waste brands we love!

In honor Black History month, we wanted to share some of our favorite Black-owned, low waste brands. Several of these are already our vendors, so maybe we're a little biased, but hey, we collect the things we love :) I've divided them into categories for ease of shopping. 


  • Mary Louise Cosmetics has face masks, cleansers, serums and soaps (think cardamom rose scent!) in low waste packaging
  • Anne's Apothecary is one of my personal favorites. They have masks, toners, treatments and the most beautiful jade gua sha tools. They have things like floral water and spot treatments too.
  • Oui the People designed a safety razor for sensitive skin, and they have shave gel and body oil too. They even have biodegradable sheet masks for your bikini line! 👀
  • Hana Hana Beauty has beautiful body butters, exfoliating bars and shea balms for smooth skin.
  • Iyoba Handmade is another cool one that has skin elixirs, body oils, soaps. They also have a hair mist, a curl cream and a probiotic deodorant - say what?! It does still come in a tube but is all natural and free from aluminum and baking soda, and since a good natural deodorant is so hard to come by, we wanted to share.

Anne's Apothecary jade gua sha tool


  • Anita Grant carries handmade clay hair washes, oil based shampoo bars, deep conditioners, dry oils prays, and leave in detanglers all in low waste packaging! To die for.
  • Grace Elaye offers gorgeous silk pillowcases, headbands, turbans and even satin lined baseball caps to protect your hair so frizz and breakage are never a concern. 
  • Ecoslay has some of the best curl stylers we've ever tried, as well as cleansers, conditioners and oil & protein treatments. We have our eyes on a new product from their line, the Matcha Boost protein hair mask meant to strengthen, add shine and boost volume.
Grace Elaye silk lined baseball cap


  • Golde is a really cool wellness brand that makes all kinds of superfoods from masks to smoothies.
  • The Greens Girl co. is a self described "e-commerce website + resource is dedicated to an intersectional and more equitable approach to the cannabis industry." They have special capsule collections in collaboration with artisans like glass cannabis pipes, and they also feature a BIPOC in Cannabis directory!
  • Peak + Valley is reinventing the way we handle stress with adaptogen blends made from mindfully sourced, science backed ingredients. We carry their drink blends for beauty, brain and balance.
  • Honey Pot is a Black owned women's health brand that has a menstrual cup and organic tampons in 100% recyclable packaging.
  • Hidden Opulence does vintage repairs and alterations and we carry their COVID face masks with upcycled cotton!
  • Buff Experts has this dry brush that's 100% sisal and so pretty and colorful. The brush "treats and prevents ingrown hairs, de-pollutes congested skin, restores glow and smoothness, and enhances the absorption of lotions and creams."

Buff Experts Dry Brush


  • Blk + Grn is this really cool all natural marketplace by Black artisans with low waste and toxin free options for everything from hair and skincare to homegoods to mom & baby and women's health.
  • Pur Home is a Black owned cleaning brand that stocks nontoxic household cleaners in the dreamiest scents - lavender, sweet orange, rose geranium and more. Detergent, laundry brighteners, cleansing bars, disinfectants, all in low waste packaging.
  • Avenue South is our beloved spice vendor - her spice blends are BOMB on bagels, rice dishes, grain bowls, soups, salads and more. She also has body butter and bath soaks that are really beautiful, as well as heavenly signature scented oil blends.
  • Naked Bar Soap co. has all kinds of beautiful and artful soaps, salt soap bars and body brushes in the prettiest colors. Also they're hilarious, we talk on DM a lot and it's really fun to stay connected.
  • Butter + Lye is a soap company with great all natural ingredients and very little packaging. They have everything from facial cleansers and shampoo bars to solid dish soap. They also have a cool exfoliating agave fiber washcloth...
  • Bolé Road Textiles is a new discovery of mine. They have this really colorful assortment of home goods made with Ethiopian textiles. Vibrant pink pillows, teal rugs and wall hangings, bath towels in beautiful and artful patterns, and more.

Naked Bar Soap co.